Taylor T - Wild Love

March 26, 2021

Have you ever fallen in love with a voice? The first time I heard Taylor's voice, I felt goosebumps invade my entire body.

Our "IMC Certified Artist" returns with a new single called "Wild Love", released today.

This incredible voice from the south of England will always amaze me with its extraordinary abilities and exceptional mastery.

Taylor is one of the few artists that I could listen to all day without getting bored (by the way, that's what I often do on Sundays, when I want to relax).

"Wild Love" is a little different from what our favorite Englishman usually offers. Used to delivering rather stripped-down songs, the production has been taken a little further with "Wild Love", with the addition of a few details that make the difference: effective discreet percussion, a silent break after the bridge, and some effects here and there on the voice.

Nothing violent, don't worry, and not a lot of electronics in it. The artist has managed to keep his authentic and sincere musical universe.

The text, as usual, is still very poetic and melancholy. The chills will come over you again. We will have warned you!.

Included in our "IMC Certified Artists" Spotify playlist.

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