Taylor T - Learn How To Love

December 11, 2020

At the moment, it's true that with IMC, we go around the planet several times in a week. But let's stop in England, at Burnham-on-Sea, to be exact. It is at the bend of a street of this city that you can find Taylor T, playing his songs full of both melancholy and liberation. Yes, for Taylor, singing is saving. And his writing is remarkable. I often watch him play live in the street, on Instagram. And often, I put myself in the shoes of those people who pass in the street at this time, and who hear this exceptional voice singing words from another world, filled with poetry and delicacy. My reaction would be to stop immediately. And to stay until the end, even if it lasts 5 hours, because I would be too afraid to miss a few minutes of beauty. And the result is the same when Taylor sends me his songs. Recorded under live conditions, without artifice and without a big production, the songs are finally the exact reflection of the character: simple and humble. 'Learn How To Love' is fluid. The message gets across easily. The singing is ... well ok I will not repeat myself ... In fact, yes, I will repeat myself: that voice is really amazing, damn! Taylor is one of those few artists who can boast of having a unique vocal signature. When you hear that voice, it takes less than a second to say, "ah, it's Taylor T." But it will take you months, years, decades to forget it. Because such a voice is unforgettable.

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Taylor's point of view :

I wrote this song in Pennsylvania a few years back whilst travelling. Written about the journey of learning how to love others whilst simultaneously finding what is truly important in life with love for the self. I think the message of this song is most important now more than ever.

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From the streets of Byron Bay to Wellington New Zealand, Taylor T has taken his musical depth far and wide. Originally from England's South West coast, Taylor's poetic approach to lyrical songwriting has been well received globally. Often compared to the likes of Ben HowardPassenger and Dermot Kennedy he wrote and recorded his electronic EP 'After the War' in Sydney Australia before returning back to the coastal beaches of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Following a year of writing and performing around the United Kingdom, Taylor penned and recorded his upcoming EP (produced by Gushh) which is set for release 'Winter 2020'. After the success of the nostalgic first single 'Home Not Hollow', Taylor is set to release the second edition of the EP with the haunting 'Flow Again' and this new single out today..

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