Taylor T - Home Not Hollow

August 23, 2020


From England to New Zealand, Taylor T drags his suitcases and his songs around the world with him. And he spreads good humor.

His new single, "Home Not Hollow", released today, is an acoustic ballad, which ends in a surge of emotions.

His special voice, which you will not forget, conveys emotions at breakneck speed.

Written to perfection, the song can be listened to endlessly.

In any case, one time is not enough.

The production is simple but very efficient.

The artist draws, as the playful choruses go, his warm musical universe, which makes you want long summer evenings on the beach with a guitar and a fire.

You don't need a big talk to understand that Taylor T has a lot of potential.

A real rough diamond. Who only needs to be discovered.

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Included in our "Indie Folk" Spotify playlist.


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