Taylor T - Higher

August 18, 2023

I had to be away from IMC for a few months for professional reasons. Of course, I missed indie music, and some artists more than others. And among them there are unique voices, which are impossible to forget. The voice of Taylor T, a wonderful Englishman and member of the IMC Family, when it strikes you for the first time, follows you all your life: your memory can no longer erase it! And it's a real pleasure to hear this absolutely incredible tone of voice tickle my ears again. 

Taylor T is a guitar lover, there is no doubt about it, we were able to realize it from the start of his adventure on IMC in August 2020. He is also a lover of words, a lover of nature, and his recent trips around the world have transformed him. Whoever hesitated to stop the music suddenly woke up with a calmer mind and an insatiable creative urge. As if a miracle had happened, it is also felt in his music. 

With a catchy chorus and vocal gimmicks that you'll want to sing for hours, "Higher" is a real renaissance, punctuated with empowering lines. In particular, from the beginning, when Taylor sings "Let go of all fears you have been hiding". This one particularly marked me, because that's what I would have liked to say to the Taylor who almost gave up music some time ago. Quite funny, eh?

Now it's up to you to appropriate this little acoustic gem, between guitar and birdsong, between motivation and rebirth, a new single from Taylor T which comes to seek deep within you the little light that had gone out.

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