Taylor T - Flow Again

November 09, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

Have you ever lost yourself in a love relationship? Like you disappeared? This is what this wonderful song is all about. With a very simple production, Taylor T succeeded in moving us again. Sometimes it's said that "the voice does everything". With Taylor T, it's a reality. Such a voice doesn't leave indifferent. And to be perfectly honest, we seriously believe that Taylor could even read us the phone book! With such a voice, the emotion would still be present! He has a very particular voice, that can'be forgotten! A very strong vocal identity, which gives Taylor T an exceptional power: to give chills very easily. And something special happens at the end of this song. An irresistible desire ... to listen to it again. Endlessly. Included on our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Taylor's point of view :

Flow Again is a song about moving forward into the light and finding yourself again after getting lost in love. The ambient undertones of electric guitar provide a ghostly and almost haunting feel as the lyrics reflect upon a journey of self work, growth and change, whilst holding the memories of the past close to the heart.

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From the streets of Byron Bay to Wellington New Zealand, Taylor T has taken his musical depth far and wide. Originally from England's South West coast, Taylor's poetic approach to lyrical songwriting has been well received globally. Often compared to the likes of Ben HowardPassenger and Dermot Kennedy he wrote and recorded his electronic EP 'After the War' in Sydney Australia before returning back to the coastal beaches of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Following a year of writing and performing around the United Kingdom, Taylor penned and recorded his upcoming EP (produced by Gushh) which is set for release 'Winter 2020'. After the success of the nostalgic first single 'Home Not Hollow', Taylor is set to release the second edition of the EP with the haunting 'Flow Again' - Available November 9th.

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