Taylor T - Endless Skies

April 21, 2023

I'm not going to lie to you, Taylor T is a bearded guy with long hair who I have a lot of affection for. He is a wonderful human being with heightened sensitivity. Yes, a touching and moving sensitivity that one rarely sees in a man, and which is found in his songs, each one more bewitching than the other.

I know the Covid period has had a devastating effect on many of us. And I think it was a difficult period for Taylor T, who is a great traveler in perpetual search of wide open spaces and fresh air. I can imagine how difficult the two years of isolation that we experienced could have been for him. It is therefore with pleasure that in 2022, we were able to follow his travels on his Instagram, seeing him travel the four corners of the world in sumptuous landscapes, leaving music aside for a while. Seeing a sensitive man find his freedom and be so happy in fantastic landscapes was enjoyable. So I wasn't worried about him, but it was obvious he needed a break.

Back from his explorations of the world, Taylor T returns today, after long months of musical silence, with a new single called... drum roll... "Endless Skies". Obviously.

Symbol of a rediscovered freedom, the song is of breathtaking precision in the writing. The melody is absolutely delightful from the first guitar notes, and Taylor's still very distinctive and recognizable voice is once again the central instrument of his music. The concept of falling in love with a voice may seem crazy, but since I discovered Taylor 3 years ago, this voice sends me powerful emotions with every line.

Very inspired by his travels, the song draws on new resources as we had rarely seen in his music before: piano, bass, drums, and even choirs which remind us a little of the South African influence of fellow IMC Family member Luke Beling. Usually very acoustic and quite melancholy, Taylor T's music seems to be enriched with new elements, a very positive dynamic and an unprecedented light until now.

As he explains, the song invites you to enjoy life:

"It's a late spring/summer feel good indie folk track written about falling in love with life and creating beautiful memories and enjoying the time as it passes by."

"Endless Skies" will keep you company during your walks outside, or in all the moments when you need to escape. A new chapter in the career of the English artist, a bit like a rebirth. We appreciate and we can't wait to discover the following chapters.

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