Sven Ross - safe

March 03, 2023

You come to IMC to find artists who are not Madonna or Beyoncé. Accessible artists, who can quickly become your companions on the sometimes winding path of life. Sven Ross is one of them.

An adorable personality, being perfectly altruistic and leaving no room for improvisation. The artist admits to having a mission to inspire people with music. We can already confirm that for 2 years, the mission has been largely accomplished!

After 3 previous features on IMC, the hairy Dutchman is back this Friday with... an EP! Celebration dance! Yes, he has been delighting our articles for two years, and here is another very elaborate project in which the artist has put a lot of his heart.

The complete EP is a story to go through, from the birth of a relationship to its blossoming, in chronological and logical order, ending fantastically with the sublime "between you and me" which we told you about in November.

The song we're going to talk about today is called "safe", and it's the unreleased one from the 4-track EP "now that i'm with you". And this song is exactly what we all need right now. Love, comfort, reassurance... Yes, we know our readers and we know that some of them are going through difficult times.

Good news: all the ingredients are there in this little gem to give you support. Whether it's the wonderful female vocal backings that accompany Sven Ross in the chorus or the subtle mix of instruments also brings us a touch of very appreciable nostalgia.

With this incredible electric guitar solo, and this marvelous production that envelops us in an impassable bubble of protection, let Sven Ross be your guide for an unforgettable musical journey. If it's with this song that you discover independent artists, chances are you will not want to live without them anymore.

4th feature for our favorite Dutchman, and you know what that means. Next time, he will join the IMC Family, the cradle of many collaborations between our best artists. And we already know that his presence will be welcome within the group, which is currently delighting us with a secret project...

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