Superserious - Bye Bye Honey

October 26, 2022

If you were looking for a new indie band to support, let's welcome Superserious! They come from a small fishing village in Iceland called Garðabær, but their music smells better than fish!

At IMC, we like contrasts. And the first striking contrast about this band is the discrepancy between their name and their way of being. Far from taking themselves too seriously, they mostly focus on making good music. And it works!

With singles from their debut album reaching number 1 on national radio, Superserious continues to cross borders and sets out to conquer an international audience in need of good indie rock vibes.

Not even afraid to drown electric guitars in a swimming pool (watch the funny music video above), the band has just released "Bye Bye Honey", which is the anti-declaration of love: "When you start to get closer to me, it's bye bye honey, when you wake up in the morning, I pretend to fall asleep real quick".

Light, bouncy, and super catchy, "Bye Bye Honey" is electrifying with its huge hook on the chorus, its vocal harmonies, and its super addictive power. We warned you: you're going to sing along and you won't be able to get rid of this infectious banger!

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