Sunday Chill - September 26, 2021

September 26, 2021

We can't believe it's Fall already! This time of year is my favorite, to be honest with you. Temperatures drop and we just want to chill at home on Sundays in comfortable slippers in front of a warm log fire. If only we could have the music to go with it ... Wait. We have it! Here is a selection of songs that came out on Friday that we couldn't wait to chill to.


Zack Fletcher - Compass Rose

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Zach Fletcher had already bewitched us at the end of July with his single "The Traveler". And the next single, "No Moon", had been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist. And the magic continues. When we heard the first notes of his new single "Compass Rose" we felt a wave of heat invade us. It was impossible for us to pass by this gem without stopping on it. Third single in a series called "Ohio Reveries", "Compass Rose" is an indie-folk ballad with a magnificent electric guitar and amazing vocals. And the artist took ... several years to finish this song! "I had the guitar elements for many years, and was finally able to finish the song with inspiration from my wife." Fletcher is well on his way to becoming a staple artist on the indie-folk scene, as well as on IMC. Because his ease and comforting vibes make us want to listen to even more. For a Sunday afternoon under the blanket, the artist from Ohio who records at Courstreet Recordings can only offer us quality. Because knowing Courtstreet Recordings, we know that only quality can come out of their studios. After The Satellite Station and Aaron B. Thompson, Zack Fletcher is the third artist we cover to benefit from the talent of the fantastic producer Michael Estok who's no stranger to all these jewels. Like a true goldsmith, he brings these projects, these scores, these ideas to life, which become ... masterpieces. Zack Fletcher has a whole musical universe to discover, his Spotify is full of incredible nuggets, and it seems that this name could become very regular on IMC ...


Michael Lane - Ladybug (Sunset Mix)

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We can say that Michael Lane is becoming a regular because it is his 4th feature on IMC. But there is an obvious reason for this: Michael always gives us very, very high quality! And his new single "Ladybug" is no exception. Combining several instruments with complete ease, and always a lot of poetry, Michael Lane delivers a magnificent performance here, both in terms of lyrics and production. Every detail is important, even the song of the locusts in the background.

This is not a new song because it is already on her album "The Middle", released in 2016. But the artist wanted to give it a second life because he was not completely satisfied with the production. And I don't know if it's also for this reason, but with all the changes we've seen over the past 18 months, I find that the message resonates well in 2021. The artist explains his point of view to us:

"Life, death, and change are things we all have to go through in life. Everything is always changing, the seasons, the weather, everything is in constant motion and change. I always wondered why I only saw the ladybug a short time during the year, and like everything else, it's just a part of the bigger scheme of things in the world. I remember sitting playing my guitar, and a ladybug sat on the top of my guitar, just for a second, and then flew away, it was the perfect inspiration for this song. Ladybug was originally released on my second album "The Middle", but I felt that the production didn't quite do it justice, so I re-recorded the song, breathing new life into it."

And he did well! I already liked the original version a lot, but it is true that this one is more airy, delicate, and folkier. While we have just entered Autumn, it allows us to extend the summer a little. It's also a perfect match for our "Sunday Chill" :)


John Sierra - The Wonder

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John Sierra was a guitarist in the alt/rock band Attalus, which has enchanted the international indie music scene for years. He goes solo and prepares his debut EP, which is extracted from "The Wonder". A sublime acoustic ride, where you will only hear a guitar and a voice. But what a voice! With magnificent vocal harmonies, a delightful melody, and wonderful writing imbued with nostalgia, John Sierra managed to reach the center of our hearts with this moving song.

It is often said that the most minimalist performances are the best. It's true when you listen to this song. No need for a huge production or a full band to trigger the thrill. John writes with his heart, and you can hear it.

His hard work and love for music pay off. And this first EP is shaping up well! A perfect song for your Sunday afternoon by the fireside (if you're in the northern hemisphere), or at the beach (if you're in the southern hemisphere).

We will be watching this artist closely in the coming months because he is very promising and he could still surprise us in the future. In the meantime, we are counting on you to support him and show him some love on Spotify and his socials!


Kenny Sharp - Home

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Last year, just before Christmas, you were introduced to an angel who fell from heaven: Kenny Sharpe. He dazzled us with his live performance of "Renege". And it is once again with an amazing live performance that we find him on IMC, for his last single "Home".

This time, the Allegory DC served as the backdrop for this sumptuous ballad tinged with magnificent vocal harmonies. The tempo is slow, and it's perfect for chilling out on a Sunday afternoon, isn't it?

Always armed with his unique poetry, Kenny sings the words with his heart, and his exceptional voice could keep me company for hours. The song reminds us that no matter how crazy this world is, we can have one person to focus all of our attention on, to the point of obsession.

Kenny was a rapper, who had too many soul vibes in him to keep them to himself. And he did well. Because we are delighted to enjoy them!

You'll also love the music video of the live performance to watch below:


Triston James - The House

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I had to reread his bio twice to make sure I read "a 19-year-old American singer/songwriter". Yeah, 19. That's a snap, eh?

Only 19 years old and already quite a great artist, Triston James amazed me from the first seconds. Those high notes are incredible and his writing is breathtaking. He reminded me a bit of 15-year-old Australian Declan Ryan, who was introduced to you recently on IMC.

Triston James has a decidedly indie-folk musical universe, with haunting vocals and a strangely dark and warm atmosphere at the same time.

We strongly encourage you to watch this little guy closely, because in a few years, when he reaches the same notoriety as Hollow Coves or Harrison Storm, you will be able to say "I was there at the beginning". A real moment of sharing, punctuated by poetry and melancholy. To sum up: a work of art.


Robert Taira Wilson - Ana

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He already came to see us on IMC at the beginning of the summer with the incredible "Blackbird", Robert Taira Wilson did us the honor to send us his new single "Ana", released this Friday.

The artist admits to having worked on this song for four years. So you will understand that it can only be of very, very high quality. Give you chills is the promise we made to you when you started IMC. You will have them today.

I know I say this often, but the level of perfection in the writing is quite surprising in Robert. We hear hundreds of songs every month and making choices is not always easy, but I admit that this artist always stands out thanks to his unique writing and hard work.

Once you've passed the third-minute mark, the song takes a turn. As if suddenly, the wind had risen, and carried with it the previous verses. Robert begins to strum his guitar until triggering what we wanted: the ultimate thrill that invades the whole body. Ah. We just took a big slap.

Special mention for the magnificent music video, with magical natural lights and colors.


Ellie Meriz - Nothing's Never To Be Mine

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I don't think we could end this "Sunday Chill" episode in a better way. Running IMC is always a pleasure but I often have two regrets. One, not having enough women to feature. And two, not enough artists from my own country. To be honest, there are even times when I despair, but luckily rare gems still exist here, and here is magnificent proof of that. Ellie Meriz solves my two problems.

Coming from France, the young artist immediately seduced me with the delicate atmosphere of this song, as if it had come straight out of a dream. If I had to imagine the perfect song to relax on Sunday, "Nothing's Never To Be Mine" would be that song.

In a time when it is complicated to turn on the radio without hearing dozens of singers who all have the same voice, Ellie stands out with a unique, very characteristic voice, which could sometimes remind of Lana Del Rey.

With melancholy lyrics that seem to hide an ounce of hope, Ellie delights our ears, second after second. And her voice doesn't do all the work. The final part of the song is absolutely delicious and prolongs this unique feeling of calm for a few moments. We would have liked this song to last an hour.

A real gem that allows us to end the week with elegance and refinement, before facing a new week.


Written with love by Niko

All songs added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.