Sunday Chill - October 24, 2021

October 24, 2021

Hello, lovely music fans! Another week is coming to an end and it's getting really cold in Western Europe at the moment. Weather sometimes invites us to think about the ones we lost. The sudden disappearance of a loved one has happened to all of us, and sometimes it is good to take some time to think about it and move on. We have found a few songs that might help you. Prepare your hot cup of tea or coffee, your cozy blanket, and get ready for a unique musical journey.


Nanuk - Losing You

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Music is a very personal thing, and Nanuk writes songs from where it counts. You might not like every song but the ones you do will stay with you forever. Life is a journey, after all!

Nottingham native artist is used to create masterpieces. The instrumentation he relies on in his music is often just acoustic guitars and vocals. But it’s enough to trigger goosebumps. His new single “Losing You”, out today, is a great example. Coping with a loss is a difficult but necessary process.

Whether it is the loss of a person or the loss of an important possession, this process includes mourning and eventually, moving on. This song explores different ways that people cope with loss and how to move on from it. And this song may help you!

A sudden loss affected us at IMC, recently, and this song resonates differently when it speaks to you directly. A sudden loss affected us at IMC, recently, and this song resonates differently when it speaks to you directly. Guitar and delicate fingerpicking give this song a unique atmosphere and make us lost between sadness and nostalgia. And this song may help you too!

The song ends up with our favorite line: “There’s a piece still missing”. And no matter what you do, you can never change that. We didn't want to make your Sunday sad, but on the contrary, give you the energy to move forward with this little acoustic gem.


Daniel Etherton - Good in Goodbye & Sand

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Daniel Etherton recently released a Double-A Side called “Good in Goodbyes & Sand”. We, therefore, stay in the theme of goodbye for this second feature. “When the sun’s shining but we’re all dressed in black” is the most powerful line of the first song.

And it may suit our Sunday mood, which is sometimes a bit melancholy, especially when the cold sets in. Daniel’s style has an honest tone that immediately evokes nostalgia intertwined with modern relatability. He fuses pop sensibilities with a soulful undertone to create his storytelling aesthetic, always excited by the constant evolution of music.

Our British singer also has a passion for arts in general and runs a Youtube video series about art, called Art Club, with Matt Wyatt. You can find this series on his website here. Always very creative, Daniel is quite unconventional and wanted to mark the spirits by making this daring bet: to release a double single.

"Sand" is brighter, and allows it to draw an interesting parallel between sand and the passage of time (after all, what will you find in an hourglass?). "I won't let you go, just stay in my mind so you won't die". You will understand, the loss of a loved one is our topic of the day.

Enhanced by his unique vocal performance, Daniel seduces us with each sentence and distills small doses of emotion with each line, and the whole inevitably gives you goosebumps. A successful AA-Side, which will appeal to lovers of simple music, but which speaks to the heart.


This column has been made with love by Niko.

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