Sunday Chill - November 7, 2021

November 07, 2021

Happy Sunday guys! We hope you got to make some wonderful discoveries this week. Here's a little help to relax today. You do have several options. 1. You can read this column. 2. You can take the "Sunday Chill" Spotify with you everywhere. 3. You can tune in to our radio station from everywhere as well. In any case, we're really glad to have you all, from "time to time supporters" to diehard fans, and we hope you will enjoy today's post on our blog.


Bradley Baker - Seasons

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After a breakup, we ask ourselves a lot of questions. What did we do wrong? Is it our fault? Are all of our dreams gone now? That's the whole subject of Bradley Baker's new single from Cornwall (UK), "Seasons". In this pretty ballad, the artist takes stock of all these soaring dreams (dream of a shared future, dream of having children), while realizing that the seasons continue to follow one another. It's often the feeling you get after a breakup: you focus on everything you've lost ... while the world continues to turn. And we lose all notion of time. The lyric video is a perfect demonstration of this inevitably passing time. We see the main character there, seated in front of a window, in an almost empty room with only a guitar as a backdrop, and we can clearly perceive this feeling of passing time.

About the song, it is absolutely light. No big band or a huge production. Just a few effects that are needed and come at the right time. The writing is honest, and is even a little bit heartbreaking at times. A real emotional gem that will probably suit your thoughtful Sunday mood.


Evan Crommett - Float Somewhere in the Middle

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Have you ever felt like you were walking on a wire? As if everything you try is risky? If the answer is yes, you will love "Float Somewhere in the Middle", the new single from Evan Crommett, from his new EP “Aquí en el medio” (now available). A little tour on his Spotify, and it's like traveling around the world. Evan explores different musical genres, from pop to folk, sometimes with a nod to his Ecuadorian roots. A multifaceted artist, who today offers us an acoustic ballad, almost like a lullaby, in which he asks himself a whole bunch of questions. Lost in his thoughts, between dream and reality, the border between the two worlds often resurfaces. But his incredible voice, very comfortable in all tones, even the highest, is enough to deliver the dose of thrill needed to have a good Sunday. "It's not love if you're not sad sometimes" is probably my favorite line. The song is full of metaphors and pretty contradictions that make it, in my humble opinion, a little writing masterpiece.


Emma Hamel - I Wish I Could Play the Guitar

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Emma Hamel, who comes from the USA, immediately seduced us with her fragility and her sincerity. Her lyrics are of rare maturity, and she manages to trigger the thrill sometimes just with her voice. Her debut album, "Headspace", was released this Friday, and it's like a beautiful book, each chapter of which is brilliant. Our preference fell on "I Wish I Could Play the Guitar", a very intimate song about our failures and our sometimes shaky will to keep the motivation to reach our goals. The title of the song is at odds with her fabulous guitar playing, as she masters the instrument with the greatest smoothness and delicacy possible. And it was with this song that the magic worked on us, because the voice, almost on its own, was enough to trigger us goosebumps. Especially on the final part of the song, where the words follow one another, like a frantic loss of control ... until those delicious high notes. Poetry, resilience, and inner struggles are the hallmarks of this little pearl, delicately placed in the second position of this wonderful and fragile album. "Headspace" is a collection of pretty ballads, which will never cease to move you, and will accompany your long winter Sundays, by the fireside.


Sandro Cavazza - Shameless

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If that voice reminds you of something, it's no accident. Sandro Cavazza is the voice of a hit that has over 750 million streams on Spotify ... In 2017, Avicii fell in love with some of his demos, and it was the beginning of a string of successes, with several # 1 solo singles, and collabs with Kygo and Lost Frequencies, which have allowed him to collect billions of streams. It was with a new solo single that his label came knocking on our door last month. "Shameless" has nothing to do with any EDM productions in which Sandro has participated. The song is a piano ballad, very emotional, and that will appeal to fans of beautiful voices like Sam Smith. With a writing theme despite everything very common, Sandro succeeds in moving us with exceptional mastery of his voice. The production is magnificent, the violin and the piano coexist perfectly with this unique voice. About the song, Sandro confided: "I have always loved soulful ballads so when I for once happened to write one myself it pushed all other songs aside and had to be my next single". If you've been through a painful breakup lately, you won't be able to resist the tremendous emotion of this single.


Jeremy Engel - Secret Place

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Jeremy Engel, a wonderful artist born in France but now based in Dublin, released a new single called "Secret Place". As a perfect soundtrack for your Sunday, the song invites its recipient to join his "Secret Place", safe and warm, filled with love and delicacy. The acoustic guitar featured in the track is probably one of the nicest we've heard. The elements that make the beauty of indie-folk are there too: an absolutely stunning voice, discreet but beautiful violins, and a wonderful melody that makes you want to escape into endless landscapes. Very comforting, as we gradually enter winter, this breathtaking song will warm up your cold winter evenings, and especially your Sundays by the fire. For us, in any case, it worked. His debut single, "I Don't Want to Stay", released earlier this year, is also worth a listen, you won't be disappointed. Jeremy is the kind of artist who writes and sings with his heart, and this generosity shines through his songs. You are going to have to get used to his name, as it is very likely that you will see him again on IMC in the next few months.


Written with love by Niko. If you loved the atmosphere of this column, turn the radio on and enjoy our "Sunday Chill" program.

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