Stephen LaVine - Brilliantly

January 27, 2023

We can almost say that within a week, the circle is complete. On February 4, 2022, we introduced you to Stephen LaVine with "Never Knew My Ghost" whose chorus melody still runs through our minds. In a more Singer-Songwriter genre than his indie-folk brother Thomas, Stephen is no less talented.

The first thing that will perhaps seduce you is his extraordinary voice, very comfortable in all tones. Good news: we find this warm and bewitching voice in his new single "Brilliantly", out today. And the least we can say is that we missed this voice!

What we appreciate in Stephen LaVine, is especially his personality. A very altruistic human being, very accessible, of incomparable kindness and without the slightest doubt, someone on whom one can count. His music is a bit like a cloud on which he takes refuge: he climbs on the cloud to contemplate what is happening below and begins to write. But for all that, he keeps his feet on the ground and has a humility that will always amaze us.

As we wrote a few years ago about The Satellite Station, or even about his brother Thomas LaVine, we think Stephen is not 100% aware of his talent and potential. And in our opinion, he doesn't realize how touching his music can be.

"Brilliantly" is kind of a break. As if the artist had taken a break to concentrate on his surroundings and his situation, to finally realize that everything is not so bad and that today he has everything he needs and everything it takes to be happy. That's exactly what Stephen told us about the song:

"It's pretty contemplative and explores the idea of being content with your lot in life and learning to find true joy in the ones you love. For me, That’s my wonderful kids and wife. It’s easy to get caught up in the goals I’m chasing and the things I’m trying to accomplish but I want to live by the idea that I have enough in the people around me. I want a resolve that says “If I died today I could be fully content with how I spent my days.” That’s what I’m after and that’s what I aimed to capture with this song."

This is a question that will cross the mind of any human being, at any moment of their existence, if we think about it. If we were to die today, are we happy with all that we have accomplished and with all that surrounds us? In any case, we hope that you are happy and that this new little gem that will be added to your playlists will contribute to this happiness.

With clever writing and a very elaborate melody, Stephen offers us yet another masterpiece. Obviously, his second child born in 2022 gave him the impetus he maybe lacked. And we love that. The caterpillar becomes a lovely butterfly, slowly, beautifully and... brilliantly (yes, too easy!)

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