Sophie Dorsten - Butterflies

January 31, 2022

I’ve been following Sophie Dorsten’s musical journey for the past year or so, and I’m always so excited to hear what she has yet in store. Sophie’s voice is pure and powerful, her lyrics are never predictable and there is always a wonderful chemistry between her and co-writer Alex that you would almost think they are related. (Spoiler Alert: They are...:-)) With attention-grabbing singles such as “Red Skies”, “Receipts”, and “I Need Some Time” being released on a steady basis you could say it’s “about time” for their newest release - and guess what, it’s here! Their newest single, “Butterflies” flutters its wings from Sophie’s room and into your favorite streaming platform as of last Friday and I think it would be fitting to take a listen right now as you read the rest of this review… (okay, you ready?). Let’s do this…

One of the things I love about Sophie Dorsten’s work is how her lyrics are so visual, and can mean different things to different people. I spoke with Sophie this past week and asked about the story behind the new single. “Butterflies came from being in my room all the time always being in my head, and wishing I could escape thoughts and go to a perfect world where all my hopes and dreams became reality” Sophie explains. “In the chorus, I talk about a place where ‘flowers don’t cry’ and ‘clouds don’t rain’ … ’this is the life I’ll find it someday - but I’ll have to wake up again’ is talking about that fantasy world where everything is picture-perfect, but then I realize that I can’t spend my time dreaming of things and hoping it happens. I need to wake up and make it happen.

There’s also an innocence in Butterflies, yet it has a message that is very self-aware and mature. Perhaps that depth coming from someone still at an early stage of her career comes from how early she and Alex first got started. At the age of 9, Sophie explains that she saw her brothers Alex (guitar) and Joey (drums) play in a local school performance. She thought about how it would be really cool to sing with them - (luckily they agreed) and the band “Sophie & the Boyz” was born. “We played showcases around the valley for several years and then my little brother didn’t want to do it anymore. Alex was in a band that played gigs everywhere full time so I taught myself guitar and started writing (this was about [age] 12). I was in the Alice Cooper’s ‘Proof is in the Pudding’ competition and had written a couple of songs and it was suggested I record them, and that’s how it came about. I’ve been writing, recording, and releasing songs since I was 13”.

After Alex’s college band broke up, he moved back home - and then Covid hit. “We started writing and creating together - we’ve had a blast with it and now performing out together again!” Performing live, Sophie plays acoustic guitar while Alex alternates between electric and acoustic guitar. Sophie actually played the guitar in their recent release, “I Need Some Time” while Alex Produced. Alex generally writes the music, plays bass, and drums in the studio while Sophie writes the lyrics and melody. “Sometimes he creates the music first and I’ll write / create off of that and other times I have a song already written and he then adds his magic to it. We work well together - it’s so fun! Even when we rehearse for a show we usually end up creating a new song. We’re definitely on the same wave length as far as what we want for the songs. He’s a great producer too - I love how the songs turn out. He will usually mix and master as well although we have used Mark Needham for mixing several of the songs.”

In talking with her about her support system, it’s her family who first comes to mind. “I am so thankful to have an amazing family who always supports me and believes in me. My brother Alex … is the best big brother, and my best friend and always comes up with the best ideas. My mom and dad for all their help with making my dreams come true, and always being there for me.” And her team is also a strong part of their success. “Warren Wyatt with WorldSound and Adam and Olesya from American Artiste are amazing - and currently working hard at a very cool UK tour!

Sophie and Alex are currently preparing to record at Abbey Road in March and will be performing at several industry parties both in the London area as well as Berlin. “We will also have several local shows around that area. We are very excited for all that! We are working on other projects that we’ll announce soon and hope for some festivals to work out as well. We have songs lined up for most of the year with more always being written.

And there you have it! So if you haven’t already done so, please follow Sophie Dorsten and be sure to listen to all her wonderful music on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get yours. You will also enjoy her many great videos including my personal favorite featured below, “Red Skies” so check it out and give her a subscribe there as well to see her newest material and to show your support!

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