Son of Loughlin - Changing of a Season

April 17, 2020

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It seems like Germany is very inspiring for artists.

Perhaps this is why Son of Loughlin, Irish by origin, settled in Berlin?

In any case, it succeeds rather well.

This prodigy, because yes, we can talk about a prodigy, masters his voice to perfection.

In all tones, he is comfortable. And we benefit!

"Changing Of A Season" is taken from his first EP which will be released this summer.

And we're not afraid to say that we are already looking forward to hearing more.

You will love this acoustic ballad, which is gradually increasing in power.

Up to a final part... that raised our arm hair vertically.

An instrumental part, where voices rise in the background, which trigger the thrill.

When they are added to the final chorus, it is what we call ecstasy.

A real moment of pleasure, to find in our April 2020 Spotify playlist.


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