Sleeping Together - Summer Girl

August 29, 2022

What if summer was endless? It's a bit like the proposal of Sleeping Together and their debut single "Summer Girl". And the invitation is clear from the first line: "Summer girl, won't you lie with me on the grass?".

As incredible as it sounds, Sleeping Together was formed... over Facetime. Alexander, Jason, Ryan and Mike, all from the UK, managed to create their own musical universe in no time, quite close to The Hunna, with an anthemic and catchy chorus that won't want to leave you for weeks.

As the lead singer says, the song "was inspired by a short and sweet summer romance. At the end of summer, the couple agreed to go their separate ways". We also appreciated their sharp, very British sense of humor: "However, much like the British summer, this romance was rained off too soon".

The production quality of "Summer Girl" is absolutely breathtaking, and gives hope for future singles just as good as the first.

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