Skip Curtis - Someone For You

July 11, 2020

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Do you like Michael Jackson and miss his genius?

You seemed to have found it thanks to The Weeknd, but it lacked the rock energy of "Beat It", for example?

So here's the perfect song for you.

After getting attention and millions streams with the XY&O band, Skip Curtis wanted to get back to basics.

And this is the best decision he ever made.

This track is all that is most sincere, both in interpretation and in writing.

In a really cool indie rock atmosphere, the song alternates calm verses, seeming to come directly from the 80s, and very catchy chorus.

And when the second chorus comes, you start to sing along.

When Skip Curtis submitted this song, we were not able to stop to listening to it.

That's the magic of an effective melody.

Rising slowly, until an epic electric guitar solo bridge, the song offers everything we need, especially on the emotional side.

And incredible quality of production gives to this track an amazing potential to become... a huge hit!

And we sincerely hope that radio stations will dig this track, because we would love to hear it several times a day.

Congrats Mr Curtis for this masterpiece !

Included in our "Indie Rock Killers" playlist.

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