Shira & Mendeleyev - Beautiful Release

August 15, 2023

Among more than 2000 masterpieces already shared by IMC over the years, this one is perhaps the best named of all! Yes, you're not dreaming, the song is called "Beautiful Release". It talks about being torn between two places that we both love as much as the other.

And immediately, when we listened to this gem for the first time, we thought of many artists featured on IMC who are in this case. Like Allison Leah, who wanders between her family in NYC and her life as a songwriter in Nashville. Or Luna Keller, who left her parents in Tenerife to fully pursue her musical career in Germany and to be able to tour all over Europe. And the examples ultimately turn out to be very numerous.

Not just for artists! Perhaps you too have uprooted yourself from one place to settle in another, and thus found a second home. Israeli-American singer-songwriter based in NYC Shira knows this very well. Since she spent her life between Israel and the USA. Acclaimed by the New York Times as a "golden-voiced singer", Shira flourished in a delicate and refined folk universe.

This new single "Beautiful Release" was released last Friday. And Shira being used to being split between two cultures, it wasn't too difficult for her to share her song with another artist!

Mendeleyev evolves between folk and funky vibes, and made an appearance in season 17 of NBS's The Voice, in John Legend's team. A media exposure that allowed him to reach a wider audience. Artist with multiple hats, he is a "jack of all trades": multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer, performer, but also an amazing graphic designer, videographer, editor and even teacher.

Our two artists met at Sofar Sounds and the chemistry was perfect from the start. A perfect vocal cohesion which is found in "Beautiful Release", with divine and ethereal harmonies, where the voices fly over the notes brushing them with elegance and voluptuousness.

Both benefit from supportive communities on their social media, their musical encounter is an opportunity to please twice as many fans. And today to delight the ears of the fans of beautiful music that you are with this tasty ballad. The song does not need artifice to hatch, the instrumentation remains limited, so much the vocals have a well-deserved important place.

The relaxing effect of "Beautiful Release" is felt from the first guitar chords, and the vocal harmonies transport you on a cloud of sweetness from which it is then difficult to come down. Only one possibility remains: listen again and again. Shira & Mendeleyev sign here a masterpiece of beauty, nostalgia and contemplation, thanks to an obvious complicity that is a pleasure to see. Ah, we almost forgot: if you keep humming the song long after listening to it, don't worry. This is a very appreciable and pleasant side effect.

Picture by Ana Martinez.

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