Sean Martin West - For You

August 10, 2023

"For You" is a very good surprise. A folk jewel that takes us into a suspended moment, where we find ourselves completely lost in our thoughts, absorbed by the piano which is usually not the first instrument we think of when listening to indie-folk. The choruses are super catchy and we find ourselves singing easily with Sean Martin West.

The artist went through the Berklee College of Music and it shows. Nothing is left to chance in this song. The small piano notes are distilled in the right place, like a bridge linking two banks of a flowing river.

We discovered this track, lying in the grass, by the river, the wind in our hair, and closing our eyes, we realized how much life could be made up of simple pleasures. This song, light as a ritornello, bewitched us with its quality of production and its simple but incredibly effective writing. Even though the lyrics of the song may seem a little naive and silly to you at first glance, they nevertheless demonstrate that simplicity is always more impactful than things that are too elaborate or complicated.

We feel in the music of Sean Martin West a great desire for freedom. A freedom of movement, creation and inspiration, which is felt all the more since his creative process began during the lockdowns.

Also, we had a little crush on the music video. Simple, but terribly effective! Keep it simple, keep it simple, and the world will turn out better.

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