Scott & Maria - All I Am

January 18, 2021

by Luna Keller

I am a big fan of great harmonies and heartfelt messages, so it’s no big surprise that I loved discovering Scott & Marias most recent release "All I am". The duo from Brighton has a very unique sound defined by its organic and honest feel that pulls you in without needing big arrangements. Since their debut album "Bright Star" was released in 2017 they’ve been shining their light and positive energy trough acoustic and folky songs with soulful messages.

"All I Am" is the third single of their upcoming album "Wish Me Away", to be released this year. It came out towards the end of 2020, a year where most of us have felt lost more than once. With the song they’ve given us a mantra to guide us through this uncertainty: "All I am is Love". It builds on a minimalistic arrangement with a clear rhythm throughout the whole song leaving its wonderful message in the foreground. It’s a song to listen to after a long day, close your eyes and let it comfort you with its beauty and truth. We won’t always know everything and it’s easy to get lost in this crazy world, but love will always be with us through it all. It’s a message so simple that it’s hard to believe, and yet so healing and true.

Scott & Maria have created a beautiful beacon of musical light with "All I am" washing the world and its troubles away and reminding us that we can find love within ourselves and all around us - if we dare to look.

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Biography :

We are a duo based in Brighton, playing music together since 2012. It's been a busy year playing online festivals in our front room - 'Into the Wild' Beltane Festival, , Wider Horizons. We released latest single in December 2020, and are putting the finishing touches to our new album 'Wish Me A Way'. This follows on from released in May 2020. Recent single was released in January 2020, recorded at Audio Beach Studios using studio time won from the Brighton Songwriting Competition. It received airplay from BBC Introducing South and stations across the UK. This follows 2019 EP and 2017 debut album . The EP includes – inspired by the beauty of the British Isles, it was filmed and recorded live in the South Downs National Park, and featured on the BBC Upload Show and the 100th edition of Shindig Magazine: "Unapologetic, beguiling and utterly beautiful." Love and the celebration of life are the cornerstones of our sound, drawing inspiration from the spirit of Mother Nature and a wide range of musical influences from David Bowie to The Beatles, Nina Simone to Newton Faulkner. When gigs were a thing, we played a number of festivals including The Isle of Wight Rhythm Tree Festival, Sark Summer Festival, and the Green Fields of Glastonbury Festival.


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