Sarpa Salpa - Say Something

January 03, 2020

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We are starting the year very well!

They already came to see us last August with "Before It Goes Dark".

A track that dazzled us with its professionalism, and was one of the indie-pop sensations of the summer.

Sarpa Salpa, 4 boys and 1 girl in the wind from Northampton (between London and Birmingham), is back with a new track, "Say Something", which could be one of the sensations of winter, this time!

A powerful intro, combining synths seemingly straight out of the 80s and production of the most current.

And then the incredible voice of Marcus, recognizable from the first seconds, which signs the musical identity of the band.

It was just before the first minute that a catchy chorus was triggered which made us shake our heads in all directions.

The kind of chorus that makes you want to get up immediately and dance.

An incredibly engaging melody that stays in your head for hours and hours.

It was hard to stop listening to it over and over again.


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