Samia - Is There Something in the Movies?

October 26, 2020

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In this track, you'll be welcomed by a a sweet electric guitar. Then a delicate voice, reminding Lene Marlin, a great artist from Norway. When the chorus comes, you'll discover that this voice has something special. A very strong emotional power, that invades your body from head to toes. Totally different from the original version, which is much more acoustic, the full band version of this track is powerful and intense. Emotions are here, especially if you listen to this gem with great headphones. Samia, who's very young, is like a UFO. In a world where everything is formatted, it is difficult to put Samia in a box. And it's a good thing! We love people having both a great talent and a particularity. The song is taken from 'The Baby', the debut album from Samia, and it's out now via Grand Jury Music. The song benefits from a very elaborate writing, and a more than attractive melody. The power of the melody and the high quality production do the rest. It had been a long time since we had found a new gem to add to our "Indie Rock Killers" playlist. You can find this playlist on: Spotify / Soundcloud. And of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

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Her ballads recall the low-lit charm of Tobias Jesso Jr or the hushed immediacy of Phoebe Bridgers. Her rock songs rev and howl with the intensity of Mitski or Hop Along. But whether the volume is up or down, 21-year-old New York native Samia draws from the same well of sharp-witted lyricism as forebears old and new -- from Liz Phair to Patti Smith to Josh Tillman. Tillman is a unique case. Name-checked in an early song of Samia's called "The Night Josh Tillman Listened To My Song," the Father John Misty frontman later discovered the send-up of his I Love You, Honeybear standout and has since professed his love for it online. Of course, it's no surprise that her heros are falling for her. Samia is 21, but her songs aren't. They're the sort of emotional tantrums and last-call thesis statements that feel like they've been there forever, just waiting for someone to come around and sing them.

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