Rod Coote - Rivers

April 07, 2023

And here is Rod Coote back on IMC for his 4th feature! And you know what that means: he is now very close to the doors of the IMC Family. And it's no coincidence: the Australian musician has been delighting us with his folk ballads for almost a year.

Produced by Hein Cooper (another regular IMC artist), his new single "Rivers" invites you to explore the universe of difference. Always very inspired by nature and the environment that surrounds him, Rod has put all his heart into writing this new jewel. As he told us, the song "explores the notion that everyone is so different, yet so similar and like rivers, we all connect in one way or another".

And indeed, if you really think about it, everything can be interconnected. Including the music you can find on IMC. Because you will notice that the river is often used in the indie-folk universe, as in "Rivers" by Thomas LaVine, "River" by Ben Greenberg, or even "Run River" by the Australian Southey and "Run by The River" by Ali Gilbert. What do all of these songs have in common, except their titles? They were all created by nature lovers. Rod Coote is one of them:

"Growing up in the countryside of Australia and then moving to the coast, I've naturally always associated memories and experiences of love, ambition, and grief with the natural environment surrounding me and the seasons. I like to use this imagery to capture perhaps a personal feeling I've experienced in my lifetime and hopefully that will resonate with those who eventually listen to these songs".

Yes, again, this Rod Coote song is very relatable and could speak to anyone. The power of music! With always this vocal performance imbued with emotion and this sensitivity in the voice in each line, Rod bewitches us. Starting in acoustics, and ending with a very powerful final chorus, with marvelous vocal harmonies, "Rivers" is yet another rare pearl that adds to his already very complete and fascinating discography.

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