Rod Coote & Laura Lucas - Light in Me

December 09, 2022

Here is a meeting that is fun to see! Australian Rod Coote (featured in July with "New England") teamed up with Canadian Laura Lucas (featured two years ago with "Fault Line"), for an absolutely delicate and delicious dreamy-folk collaboration.

We have gone through 3 rather tough years and there is one symptom that I have seen increase in many people of the younger generation: lack of self-confidence. Facing difficult situations is not an easy thing, but it is all the more challenging these days. We have lived through periods of isolation, and everything in this world tends to discourage us from moving forward.

We all need encouragement, support, and mutual aid, and this requires human relationships. You may have strengths that you don't know about. And without the help of others, you might just miss them.

As Rod confides, about "Light in Me": "The song pays a wholesome tribute to the people who believed in you before you believed in yourself".

I think I can talk about it because the creation of IMC is not due to chance. Without the encouragement of dozens of artists, you might not be reading me today.

So that's what this song is about, with sumptuous vocal harmonies as a backbone that send a clear message in the chorus: "You taught me how to see the light in me".

Yes, if you are a bit too confused to see the light in you, others will be able to do it for you! Already knowing the incredible writing skills of the two singer-songwriters, I am hardly surprised by the high level of writing and logic of this song. On the other hand, I'm always amazed to see how much a melody can seep into our minds to the point of not wanting to leave. And artists who achieve this feat are rare.

To be honest, when an artist manages to create an unforgettable song, we are happy. When two talented artists unite to create a timeless jewel, it's even better!

"Light in Me" has all the power to make you better, and deserves a place in your chill playlists.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Light in Me" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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