River - Malibu

03 juin 2018

Here is an artist with an incredible universe. Whether musically or visually, everything is very well studied, worked and cared for. The melody, the song, the video, the graphics, River pays attention to the smallest details. Born in the 90s, the young singer is attracted by nostalgia, and you can feel it in his music and graphics. Vocally, the character is very surprising. At first listen, we were very surprised to discover that it was actually a man. His vocal signature is unique, and although surprising at first, finally, this voice passionate. When the song is over, we miss the voice of River. So we listen again, and again. You can't forget a voice like this. And it's a huge advantage for an artist, to have a unique voice, recognizable among thousands. River takes us on a tour to Malibu, as a preview of his new EP that will be available on June 15th. And we can't wait to discover the result. The single is already available on Spotify and iTunes, and included in our "Need to Escape" playlist on Spotify and Youtube.