Reuben Koops - Like the Movies

December 16, 2020

Voices like this won't be forgotten in a few hours... You may remember that track tomorrow. And maybe for days, weeks, or months. What I really loved in this track is the wonderful vocals. This voice is unique, and no matter the lyrics, you can only feel bewitched. Good news here, this wonderful voice will bring you awesome lyrics. Very well written, Reuben Koops masters the art of writing from A to Z.  The artist wanted a simple production for this song, and he was write. You don't really need some artifices when you perfeclty master your voice and your writing. I must confess that, usually, I exactly know why I fall in love with a song. With this song, it's quite harder to say. I just fell in love with it. Because it's wonderful. That's it. Even though the song is old, the magic totally operates, and if it worked on me, it will work with you too, for sure!

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Reuben Koops's point of view :

This song was about relating to some of my earlier songs that were just acoustic guitar and vocals; keeping those elements at the forefront. Songs have to be strong enough that they don’t need too many bells and whistles to be ‘a good song’. I worked with Jack McLaine (Sumner) to engineer the track. We recorded as little as possible and relied on those organic elements. I think we’ve been able to achieve what we wanted whilst still featuring some great musicians on the track to support it. Like the Movies is quite an old song, written when I turned twenty. It tells the story of a relationship forming and breaking down, but not by my choice. I related this idea to the classic movie love stories that always work out the way you think they will - however in a real-world, it’s not always as perfect as that. It was really nice to come back to one of my own songs that I have liked for so long and finally get it ready for release. I feel it’s finally ready to be shared.

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Biography :

“Upbeat and instantly engaging, mixing the infectious euphoria of The Lumineers with the defeating sincerity of James Bay. Mature, romantically euphoric folk, passionately delivered with gentle lyrical candour and served in a country-tinged pop ribbon.” - Charlotte Holroyd (Bitter Sweet Symphonies Blog UK) Reuben found success on a famous Australian reality television show in 2013 on which he performed his original songs to over 1 million viewers across metropolitan and regional areas of Australia. Shortly after this, he released his debut album ‘Where You Water It’ and was a finalist in the prestigious talent development program Telstra Road To Discovery which led to him supporting Olivia Newton John and John Farnham on their ‘Two Strong Hearts Tour’. Koops released the ‘Slate EP’ in March 2015 which was mastered by Grammy Award winner William Bowden. At the age of 24, in 2017 the Australian singer/songwriter spent time in Los Angeles work- ing on his next release with renowned producer David Ryan Harris (John Mayer, Guy Se- bastian, India.Arie, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey). David enlisted the work of some of LA’s top session musicians including Sean Hurley on bass (John Mayer, Rob Thomas), Jeff Babko on keyboards (Frank Ocean, Jason Mraz, Sheryl Crow) and Victor Indrizzo on drums (Macy Gray, Seal, Damien Rice). Shortly after, Reuben made headway after completing his first tour of the US/Canada. Amongst other shows, Reuben played three iconic singer/songwriter venues including the famous Hotel Cafe in LA, which has gained a reputation for establishing the careers of notable singer/songwriters such as John Mayer. Reuben is cur- rently working on new material set for release in 2020.


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