Reliable Child - Little Conversations

April 11, 2023

Some of you, who have been following us for several years, may think that we are on purpose to introduce you today to the vocal twin of Travis, better known as The Satellite Station. It is true that the resemblance is quite striking! But we have to tell you a secret: we love this kind of warm voice that is able to put a smile on your face even in the most difficult times. Reliable Child is one of those artists who make you feel better in seconds, especially with his new song "Little Conversations" released today.

Mike Berginc, aka Reliable Child, comes from Pittsburgh (PA), just like our friend Kahone Concept. And he already bought a hat at one of his shows. We often tell you that this indie music world is really tiny, in the end! From the Beatles to Blink-182, the wide variety of influences give Reliable Child that unique and recognizable sound. Mike's music speaks for itself. We feel the passion for the music that transpires in each line, each verse, and each chorus, whether through the choice of instruments or the attention paid to the production, which is calibrated to the millimeter.

No room for chance, we understand that everything is carefully studied to make the experience of the listener comfortable and above all unforgettable. Because what makes a good song? A melody that will linger in your head for hours, days, and weeks, and that you will miss when you stop listening to it for a while. Yes, we sincerely believe that "Little Conversations" is a real ray of sunshine and a timeless little gem that you will be able to enjoy listening to again, even in a few years.

As the artist said, the song "is an upbeat tune about talk therapy ... so to speak! Together we can sing along about throwing away the chains of responsibility for a fun moment". Want to talk? Feel free to reach out to this artist and all the other independent artists we feature. They have one big advantage: they're accessible, and they'll never run out of stories to tell you.

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