Red Rum Club - The River

November 11, 2022

If you lacked energy, we found it in Liverpool! Red Rum Club, formed in 2016, just released their super catchy new single "The River".

Some of their tracks have topped one million streams on Spotify, and it's no wonder: they're hugely talented and they've been their true selves from the start, as trumpet player Joe Corby explains:

“Ever since we started, we’ve been like, ‘Keep going, keep going, believe in the music and the rest will follow. “We just kept working away at it and never let stuff like missed opportunities slow us down.”

From the first listening, "River" invites us to swim at sunset, and to drink until the middle of the night. Sharing good times with friends is definitely something that should never go away! Even if algorithms try to dictate your life, stay focused on what matters most: real life. And this song is exactly what makes it possible to put the feet on the ground and to disconnect if only for a moment.

Super festive, the song is probably one of the catchiest we've heard this year. If it doesn't make you want to throw down your chair, get up, and dance, then we don't understand anything.

While you're here, also watch the funny music video that accompanies the song above. It's a perfect tutorial on how to manage your stock of pants when you take the plunge.

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