Rebecca Hurn - Panic

May 06, 2021

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At Indie Music Center, we love singular voices. You know, the kind of voice that's unique. That cannot be found anywhere else. And we fell in love straight away when we heard Rebecca Hurn from South Wales.

All in delicacy, in "Panic", the singer reveals her doubts, her fears, and her anxiety with disconcerting ease. All with fabulous poetry, which takes you to the sky, to the constellations, for an incredible journey.

Musically, it's excellent: the production is really neat in every detail, and our young singer is very well highlighted. The backing vocals and harmonies are magnificent.

And the live version is incredible. We literally fell in love!

Her fragility, her sincerity, and her authenticity mean that Rebecca Hurn is definitely an artist to watch closely. In any case, we're already sure that we will see her again on IMC. It's obvious.

Added to our Epic Beauties Spotify Playlist.


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