Quick Sound Bites #07 - February 05, 2024

February 05, 2024

Happy Monday, indie music lovers! For this first 2024 episode of Quick Sound Bites, the quality bar is set very high! We hope you will enjoy this quick selection of great songs to add to your playlists!


Luke Gard - Ashes and Wounds

It's time to kick off the 2024 season with a new face on IMC: Luke Gard. The artist already boasts three acoustic albums and is currently crafting his debut singer-songwriter album.

Mastering the art of songwriting, coupled with a warm voice reminiscent of that good friend who's there to comfort you by the fireside, Luke delivers a magical performance in "Ashes and Wounds", filled with sweetness and kindness.

Guaranteed to spend 4 minutes disconnected from the world's hustle and bustle and a delightful taste of what promises to be a compelling album. If you're a fan, like us, of the perfect blend of guitar and piano, prepare to be captivated.

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Specific Coast - Problems

Today is a big day because we're excited to welcome a new artist into the IMC Family! That's right, it's the 5th feature in 3 years for Specific Coast, who's been wowing us for quite a while now.

This musician's tunes have popped up in TV series, including the likes of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix, proving Specific Coast is not a one-hit wonder. Each song is as relatable as mistaking your phone for your coffee mug in the morning. "Problems" is a sweet indie-folk ballad that's part of his first EP, "Trying My Best" dropping in April.

The track dives into those problems we pile up and carry around like unwanted baggage. It all boils down perfectly to the very last line of the song: "I got too many problems to leave it all behind". That's what we love about Specific Coast – straight-shooting lyrics and genuine vocals that deliver any message with undeniable power. Welcome to the family, Specific Coast – where the only problem is not having enough of your music in our lives!

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Martin Harich - Liar

Get ready for a tidal wave of energy, a ridiculously catchy melody that will set up shop in your mind for the entire week (and then some), a powerhouse vocal performance, and lyrics that hit you right in the relatability feels. All of this awaits you in the latest single from Martin Harich, hailing from the musical lands of Slovakia.

In our humble opinion, if this song were to strut its stuff at the Eurovision Song Contest, it'd be the odds-on favorite for victory. That's the kind of colossal potential packed into this indie-pop banger!

Martin Harich has been writing, composing, and producing his tunes since the tender age of 15, and boy, does it show. It's pro-level stuff – flawless, like a pizza delivery arriving exactly on time. Martin says he's an overthinker. And when the self-proclaimed overthinker that I am, whose mother managed to keep secrets for over 30 years, recommends a song, you know it's legit. So, give it a spin, put it on repeat, and watch as it becomes the soundtrack to your life – no boredom in sight!

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That's all for today! Stay tuned for new song discoveries in the next episode!