Quick Sound Bites #02 - November 20, 2023

November 20, 2023

Hey guys! We hope you had a great weekend! Ours was fantastic and allowed us to prepare this new selection of little gems for you to discover urgently. And you will see that certain artists, although this is their first feature on IMC, are not unknown to us. We've already told you so many times: the indie music universe is both very vast and tiny and everyone (or almost) knows each other. Ready to dive into a highly emotional selection?


CLEMENTIN3 - scars

Even though this is the first feature alone for CLEMENTIN3, it's not her first appearance on IMC. You have already heard her alongside Gabriele Catoni in January 2023 on the song "Winter".

And Gabriele is never far away, since he is the producer of this new masterpiece.

“Scars,” out today, is a delicate ballad that builds as it goes along. The vocal performance is absolutely divine and will probably rock your weekend with cozy fireside vibes.

A true gem of writing where the artist lays herself bare, where each word carries a strong emotion! And what's more, the music video is just as fascinating!

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.

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Francisco Sola - The Picture

Even if this is Francisco Sola's first feature on IMC, he is not unknown to us. We discovered his music in February 2023, after speaking about him with Genesis Ritchot during our interview in the "Indie Hour" podcast. If you've been following Genesis news, you may have noticed that he released "Flower Hearts" in June as a duet with... Francisco Sola.

We, therefore, knew that this Argentinian artist was a guarantee of quality, and we were not disappointed when we listened to "The Picture". For several years now we have been irresistibly attracted to Argentina, already having Matu as a member of the IMC Family.

“The Picture” is an auditory slap in the face. In just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Francisco manages to paint images in our minds, without much difficulty. You know how much we love daring mixes, especially electric guitar in indie-folk compositions.

Carried by vocals whose intensity is superbly controlled, "The Picture" absorbs us quite quickly, and here we are taken on a journey between nostalgia and melancholy and writing that plants an arrow in your heart from the first two lines. A true stroke of genius.

And good news, the latest single from his debut album, "Delete", will be available at the end of this week!

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.

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Mae Krell - who we said we'd be

About ten days ago, we slipped this little nugget into our “New IMC Friday” playlist. And a few days later, Mae Krell gave us the pleasure of sending it to us. This is the 4th feature from this incredible artist, and you know what that means: she will join the IMC Family next time!

Mae Krell, for those who don't know, is an entire universe to discover, with enormous sensitivity and a unique double-edged vocal signature: you like it or you don't like it. Here at IMC, we fell in love with this divine voice from the first moments, in June 2021. It is therefore a pleasure to introduce you to her latest gem "who we said we'd be".

At the crossroads between indie-folk and indie-pop, this new release is everything we expect from a good Mae Krell song. She raises a lot of questions in moving writing and from an original point of view that we have never seen before in our 22 years of indie music promotion: the artist talks about her old group of friends, and looks at the current situation, to witness what others have become, and what she herself has become.

A comparison often encouraged by social media, which is not mentioned in the song, but whose subjacency we can guess in the line "These are all stories from my screen".

For us, this level of expertise in writing reflects excellent maturity, knowing how to reinvent oneself by creating new points of view is a real feat in this artistic world where everyone tries to copy everyone else. But Mae Krell is and will remain unique. And that's why we love her so much.

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.

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That's all for today! Stay tuned for new song discoveries in the next episode! If you're a musician and would like your music to be featured in "Quick Sound Bites", please send us your music via SubmitHub. We can't wait to hear from you!