Quick Sound Bites #01 - November 16, 2023

November 16, 2023

After a gazillion hints (or maybe just a few), we're rolling out our newest creation: "Quick Sound Bites." Because let's face it, in a world where attention spans are shorter than my patience in traffic, who has time for lengthy articles? We get it; so we'll be doing both.

Alright, without further ado, brace yourselves for bite-sized musical revelations. Expect to sip your coffee and discover tunes faster than you can say, "Is it the weekend yet?" Cheers to quick hits of auditory bliss!


Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Hello Moon

To be perfectly honest with you, we couldn't find anything better than this song by Paul Cook & The Chronicles to open our new season on IMC and celebrate our big comeback. A perfect indie-folk ballad, with warm and comforting vocals, with a touch of reverie and fantasy. Taken from his new album "Cheers Love", available since November 3, of which this song is the opening track, "Hello Moon" combines melancholy and poetry and takes us to the heart with its divine vocal harmonies.

With Paul Cook, everything is always worked out, down to the smallest detail, and this level of precision is precisely what gives all the depth to this song. Although a difficult step in a song, the bridge is particularly a success, as if we were starting to soar above the world around us. A successful song that only bodes well for the album to be discovered urgently!

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.

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Sean Martin West - Coffee & Toast

Back in August, we introduced you to Sean Martin West and his song “For You.” The Nashville-based artist is back on IMC with a freshly released folk sound with a particular groove. If you enjoy this column with a coffee, the song will speak to you: its title is "Coffee & Toast".

No, the song has nothing to do with a cooking recipe, but rather a recipe for love. That moment when you realize a relationship is on the rocks, you know? Straddling indie folk, singer-songwriter, and jazzy tunes, this musical sweetness will envelop you on a unique journey through the hesitations of a fledgling relationship.

This guy is a real genius while staying authentic, don't hesitate to connect with him, he's a gem of a human being!

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.

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Taylor Latham - Eternal Sunshine

It was also at the end of August that Taylor Latham set up shop on IMC for the first time with “Paper Rounds”. This artist has a lot in common with an artist from the IMC Family: Taylor Topham, better known as Taylor T. Yes, of course, they have the same first name, the end of their last name sounds the same, they come from the same country, and they are both great travelers who do not like to be cooped up, and this is felt in their music, which is gradually tinged with colors and influences from all the countries they pass through. Oh, for sure, these two would get along great!

“Eternal Sunshine”, Taylor Latham’s new single, extends the summer a little longer. Here, we have had 3 storms in ten days, and it has been raining continuously since October 17, the rainfall records were shattered a long time ago. And today, miracle! First day without rain in a month. And here is this song called “Eternal Sunshine” which distills a little more warmth! With an acoustic guitar hammered to perfection, distilling an irresistible desire to get up and dance, Taylor strives to differentiate between the love we want (or think we want) and the love that we receive.

Yes, the love we receive is not the subject of many songs, and we found this point of view rather original. Coupled with a catchy-as-hell melody, and even trumpet at the end of the song, Taylor Latham's creativity explodes all limits in this song, which flirts with all musical boundaries by mixing influences with talent.

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.

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That's all for today! Stay tuned for new song discoveries in the next episode! If you're a musician and would like your music to be featured in "Quick Sound Bites", please send us your music via SubmitHub. We can't wait to hear from you!