Presley Lewis - Hold My Hand

March 17, 2023

What if we broke a record today? That of the youngest artist featured on IMC! You probably remember Australian Declan Ryan, who was just 15 when he released "Where The Sea Ends" in 2019. Well, Presley Lewis comes from the UK and is... 13! Alright, he's going to turn 14... tomorrow! But still! He's now the new record holder.

With an infectious and catchy as hell melody, "Hold My Hand" is the new single from this young artist who has been releasing music since 2021. With a way of singing much more assured than in his previous releases, he matures over the months at extreme speed.

The writing theme? A love crush, of course! That's the best thing that happens at that age, and that's what inspires many artists. Yes, some might think the writing is a bit simple and naive at times, but believe it, we wish we could write songs at 11. And guess what? Presley wrote this song when he was on holiday at the age of 11... in the South of France! Yes, this is where your dear founder comes from. Seems like the stars were aligned from the start.

As Presley said: "I became friends with a girl on the beach and all I wanted to do was hold her hand". This brings us back, adults, a few years or even decades back when we had our first crush.

The song smells of iodine, summer, and innocence. And will probably haunt your mind for hours. We guarantee that before the end of the song, you will have already started to sing along.

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