[PREMIERE] The Collier - Hope You're Good Too

March 27, 2020

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It's been two years since we discovered The Collier, with "I'm Older".

And for two years, this song has become one of our "Classics", winning its place in our best Spotify playlists, like "Indie Rock Killers" or the fantastic "Pure Geniuses" which brings together our best featured tracks ever.

It's enough so admit that we have always reserved a special place to The Collier.

And when we discovered that, six months later, the song landed on the YouTube channel of our English friend AlexRainbirdMusic, we thought that we were not mistaken.

When The Collier asked us if we could do the premiere of their new single, it was with a big YES and a big smile on our face that we answered.

We introduced them to you as the new U2. Yes, with the difference that The Collier has created its own musical universe.

With fantastic melodies, which quickly become legendary, the band imposes its signature.

Worn by influences such as Radiohead, or Coldplay (in their way of creating an epic final), this Southend-On-Sea guys has a real signature.

And the new single "Hope You're Good Too" is not really an exception.

With a very catchy and powerful chorus, the band still sets a very high level.

Built almost on the same scheme as "I'm Older", this new track is a crescendo rise in emotions and power ...

Until an incredible final part that can be named Epic. A real wonder.

Joshua Hixson, the singer and guitarist of the band, told us that he started writing this song ... in 2015!

"I was really angry with someone in my life, who I obviously have feelings for, and they ended up giving me the cold shoulder after I poured my heart out to me the previous night. I'd written something really heartfelt and cliche about how much I cared for them and all they responded with was 'hope you're good too' and I lost it!  channelled a lot of those feelings in to the writing process for this track, and it was definitely the best thing I could have done. Writing stuff like this down and getting it out of your system is really theraputic, and I really wanted to reach out to anyone who's been hurt by someone close to them, kind of a call to arms for the heartbroken"

A track containing therapeutic virtues, which is rather good while we're under lockdown, and "Hope You're Good Too" also sounds like a hand stretched out towards the most isolated people.

While we were wondering just a few weeks ago about the band, thinking "It's been a long time... We hope they're good", here they come back, with a powerful and efficient single, which will remain in our heads for hours. This is the magic of The Collier.

A real gem to find in our "Indie Rock Killers" Spotify playlist.


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