[PREMIERE] Luna Keller - Ocean Inside Of Me

October 26, 2023

Time for an exclusive premiere! The song and music video you're about to discover will be released tomorrow. 

At IMC, we have a knack for unearthing extraordinary artists with stories that beg to be told. If you're new to our cozy corner of the internet, welcome! Today, we're here to introduce you to a familiar face of IMC wearing multiple hats. Luna Keller is a regular IMC featured artist (17 features, just that!), a radio presenter (her podcast "Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs" is hosted here as well), and a member of our esteemed "Artist Pick( artists writing about artists)" writing team. Yes, you can find her in almost all the sections of IMC! But we truly think it's high time we introduce Luna Keller in a different light.

Indie artists you can find on IMC have a unique strength that sets them apart from the mainstream. "If they were mainstream, they wouldn't be there, Niko"! You're right. And this is probably why we can connect with them in such an easier way. They are human beings like just you and me, individuals navigating the tumultuous seas of life's challenges. Got the pun? Sorry, we couldn't avoid it. But this relatability often forms a profound connection between their songs and the listener. And when it comes to forging this connection, Luna is a maestro!

In today's world, it seems like connectivity knows no bounds, and being able to capture someone's attention for more than a fleeting moment... is a rare feat! Yet, Luna does it with remarkable finesse. There's something old-school about her approach, and that's not a criticism, it's a compliment. Screens and apps dominate our lives, and Luna is here, standing out as one of the few artists of her generation who prefers the company of paper and pens. Can you remember the last time a friend sent you a postcard? Most people can't. I do. It was last year. And it was from Luna.

Her creative process is nothing short of... magical! She can fill entire notebooks with songs, some of which may be unfinished, at a breathtaking pace. Ideas flow from her mind to paper like a torrent, and she's already stacked up several notebooks. Again, take some time to watch a replay of one of her livestreams on Twitch and you will probably see one of these notebooks on screen when someone requests it! Among all the artists we've been following on Twitch for years, she's the only one doing this. Do other artists think that's risky?

So you got it, she has a maturity that allows her to coexist with the digital world while remaining firmly grounded in reality but that doesn't stop here. She's fully aware of the world's challenges and her own personal trials. Being the oldest of us two, having started promoting indie musicians when she was still a baby, sometimes I think Luna is the older one. And as a friend, she was a great help to me. If she were a superhero, she'd be "The Scribe," armed with a mighty pen and an arsenal of notebooks to vanquish writer's block and bring lyrical justice to the world!

Yes, the digital realm often blurs the lines between reality and the virtual world, but seeing Luna's commitment to her craft is like a lighthouse guiding us through the stormy seas of life (another bad pun, ouch). Her incredible dedication to both her art and her listeners is insane. The result? An artist whose songs are companions for your own journey, melodies that resonate with your own experiences, and lyrics that mirror your own emotions. It is for those good reasons that Luna has always considered her songs as “her friends”.

Luna's ability to bridge the real and digital worlds in her creative process shows her adaptability and ingenuity. It's a fusion of old-school charm and modern relevance that makes her an artist worth searching about and writing about. We have to admit that the searching part before writing this article was pretty short, because Luna is now a good friend and we already know a lot of things about her. Her first feature on IMC was... 5 years ago! But in a world where music is often churned out at an alarming pace to feed the insatiable appetite of algorithms and streaming platforms, Luna Keller stands as a refreshing outlier. Sometimes I like to call her "my sweet UFO". Because of her young age, one might be tempted to assume that her songs would follow the current trend of rapid content consumption, where brevity is key, and tracks barely cross the two-minute mark, all in a bid to appease the ever-hungry algorithmic overlords. Missed. But you're not an algorithm fan, right? You wouldn't be taking the time to read this, after all! Her decision to embrace the extended format (in the sense of making-more-than-two-minute-long-songs) of her music is right. She understands that some battles in life and art are not swift skirmishes but protracted conflicts that need time, reflection, and emotional depth. I remember that one of the first songs my father played me on vinyl was "Autobahn" by the German band Kraftwerk. It was more than 22-minute long. Is taking all your time to express your emotions a german thing? You have two hours.

Not a glass of coke, her music is like a fine wine: it's meant to be savored, not guzzled down like a shot at a college party. However, we have no doubt her music could start a dance party there too (just not this song, of course, but her previous release with Clouds And Thorns could do the trick).

Luna Keller's dedication to her craft, her (probably involuntary and unconscious) refusal to be boxed into industry molds, and her commitment to creating music with depth is an act of artistic rebellion. Yes, she will probably be surprised to read this. Luna, you're a rebel! 

She definitely has a gift for songwriting. Hey, did you know she was a founder of a great thing called "Songwriting Circle"? And that songwriting gift often feels supernatural. It's not an exaggeration to label her writing as otherworldly. Her live sessions on Twitch are proof of this extraordinary talent. Viewers can redeem some cool things with their channel points. Sometimes they just redeem the "write-a-song" thing and bam. You can witness Luna weaving intricate songs in under five minutes, leaving her audience in awe. These are not nursery rhymes with simple "la la la" refrains, that would be too easy. These are texts with profound meaning and melodies that pierce the heart. Each song is a fully-fledged composition. She probably has in all those notebooks enough songs to be released for an entire career... for several musicians! When Luna writes a song in five minutes, even Usain Bolt would marvel at her sprint-like creativity!

Despite her age, Luna Keller has a kind of wisdom that seems to extend beyond her years. In her early twenties, she exudes a sense of depth and life experience that could easily be mistaken for that of someone who's lived several lifetimes. It's a quality that sets her apart and makes her a captivating figure in the IMC community. She was one of the first artists joining the IMC Family. She's a keen observer of the world around her. Her awareness is not confined to her art and extends to her surroundings and the intricate journey of life. She often make the right decisions, showing a fascinating level of lucidity and fairness in her actions (that I don't even have).

The maturation of Luna's new project, "Ocean Inside Of Me," over the course of nearly four years can be attributed, in part, to that innate sense of maturity. While most people her age are navigating the complexities of early adulthood, Luna has been meticulously crafting her art, showing a dedication... that's nothing short of exceptional!

To truly understand the depth of Luna Keller's latest musical endeavor, "Ocean Inside Of Me," one must journey back in time to the 22nd of December 2019. It's a date that marks the genesis of a project that is both a musical revelation and an emotional odyssey when she started writing in front of ocean waves in Tenerife. Forget time machines! Luna's music is a portal to the past and a glimpse into the future.

"Ocean Inside Of Me" is the harbinger of an epic 10-track album. Or should we say chapters? Each piece intricately linked to the next, these musical chapters unravel a poignant narrative in chronological order. They weave together to form a rich world of stories and emotions, akin to the chapters of a novel.

The storytelling doesn't end with the music alone. In a masterstroke of creativity, each of the 10 tracks from "Ocean Inside Of Me" is accompanied by a meticulously crafted music video. These visual representations are a beautiful background imagery, of course and also integral components of the overarching narrative, they truly help improving the emotional resonance of the songs. This concept album seems rather simple at first glance. But Luna explains it much better than us:

"It tells a story from darkness to light written on my mental health journey and on my way back to self-love. Each song comes with a video and all the videos are interconnected to tell an overarching visual story".

While she may face moments of solitude, wrestling with her own struggles and pouring her heart into her songbooks, it's clear that she's never alone for long. Her community, nurtured through platforms like Twitch and Patreon, serves as a steadfast pillar of support in her artistic journey.

Her desire to create something extraordinary is mirrored in her remarkable Kickstarter campaign. Through the power of her music and the loyalty of her fans, she managed to raise more than €17,000. This impressive funding has enabled her to bring her vision to life by recording the album and producing ten captivating music videos with the expertise of professionals.

This journey is proof of the incredible strength and encouragement that a really supportive community can provide (and we know that, our radio station having been saved in the past by her and this incredibly powerful sense of community). Her fans are not only listeners, they're active participants in her artistic voyage. Through their unwavering support, Luna's dream of creating a musical masterpiece has become a reality. She even gave a name to her community: the Lunatics. Like the Avengers, but instead of fighting supervillains, they're battling for the triumph of her art. And it works.

Yes, in general, she has a remarkable ability to surround herself with individuals who not only resonate with her artistic vision but also share her values. Whether it's her dedicated fans, arguably the most passionate supporters any artist could dream of, or her network of musician friends, Luna's address book might make you jealous. Well...

Lights, camera, Latvia! and the cinematic adventure begins!

With the sum successfully raised thanks to her devoted supporters (of whom we are proud to be a part), Luna embarked on a journey to Latvia. It wasn't a vacation but the beginning of a cinematic adventure. In the wonderful landscapes of Latvia, where Pacific K knows the right spots, Luna and her team commenced the production of not one, but 10 music videos!

Now, armed with insights into the artist of the day and the captivating concept of her album, it's time to delve into the heart of Luna Keller's musical odyssey. It's a journey that has been incubating for almost four years, and the moment has arrived for the egg of her creativity to finally hatch, revealing its inner beauty.

Luna describes this first chapter as "a story of transformation and resilience, a reminder that no one is alone in their struggles".

In this first music video, Luna Keller takes center stage... in solitude. The story starts by a tranquil lake, where Luna awakens from her sleep. It's a scene set with meticulous detail - a mattress impeccably arranged beside a bedside table, and a lamp softly glowing in the broad daylight, despite the remote wilderness surrounding her. The narrative of this chapter takes us back to the very inception of Luna's struggles, to the point where the shadows first cast their long, looming presence. The descent into darkness is swift and unrelenting, mirroring the progression of the lyrics and the music video itself. And as the music video goes on, Luna's journey begins with the comfort of daylight but quickly plummets into the depths of despair.

The turning point in this musical chapter emerges with poetic precision. In the first pre-chorus, Luna Keller lyrically weaves the narrative, "Now the sun sets, It gets colder, Wrapped in silence, I'm growing older." That signifies a shift, where the warmth of daylight fades into the chill of night, and the stillness envelopes Luna's world. Great job. Again.

Intriguingly, Luna introduces an unexpected yet delightful surprise - the soft, comforting notes of a piano. Oh, that's quite far from her usual musical landscape, but it's very useful here, as it serves as a stark contrast to the looming darkness. We truly think this piano is really important here and acts like a beacon of light in an otherwise shadowy universe.

As the powerful chorus arrives, Luna Keller's music video takes an interesting turn. In this dark universe, Luna is forced to illuminate her path with an oil lamp. And believe me, seeing Luna with this kind of lamp brings back memories, when my girlfriend and I rented a tree house in the middle of the forest and the only way to heat up was a kerosene stove. Seeing young people like her make this kind of old thing work is quite funny. After all, maybe it's just a battery. We don't know. And who cares. Because in that case, it's just a symbol: resilience and unwavering spirit, lighting the way forward. The juxtaposition of this oil lamp against the soft piano and Luna's angelic vocal harmonies creates a captivating contrast and we're all in.

Keller's lyrical prowess shines brightly in the line "My head's full of lightning, full of thunder, in the storm behind my eyes." Wow! Our favourite line so far. That's such an awesome painting of emotions, bursting with colors, immersive like a dream, and powerful like an internal storm. Close your eyes, just to try and you can almost feel the thunder in your head. Then she finds herself in a boat, adrift in the middle of the lake. Yes, a few days from Halloween, you wouldn't want to be there, for sure. Her only companions are the soft glow of her lamp and... her now famous and trusty pen, and the songbook that holds her creative moments. Luna's talent for acting comes to the forefront as she projects her emotions with a glance that speaks volumes. That incredible look in her eyes echoes her inner despair as she sings, "I am afraid of lightning." I think I've never seen that look in her eyes before. That's striking. And we just become one with her emotions. Here we are.

Dang! Everything is well done in this music video and this song! Are we taking a big slap with the final part? We are! Then she starts a powerful fight by rowing her boat. It's a great metaphor for the battle against her inner demons! As she rows, the emotions of anger and hope are palpable, blending seamlessly into a compelling narrative.

This piece of art showcases her fragility and past demons, as she battles with imaginary blood on her arms, desperately trying to erase it. This powerful visual metaphor speaks volumes about the inner conflicts she's addressing. By the way, this commitment shows until the end of the video with her willingness to throw herself into the metaphorical and real cold water. Would you have done it?

Let's be clear, the topic of "mental health" is one that often finds its way onto the pages of IMC, and it's a frequent theme in the world of songwriting. To be candid, we've even found ourselves in a position where we had to decline songs on this subject because we had already covered similar topics the week before. We didn't want to inundate you, our dear readers, with a constant deluge of despair. Handling the topic of mental health can be like cooking the same dish every day. It's nutritious, but it's time for a new recipe!

Yet, with Luna Keller, it's a whole different game. First and foremost, it's because she's an artist we have an unwavering 200% trust in. But what truly sets her apart is her commitment to delivering quality (hey, the IMC Family label is probably hidden somewhere under the dress). When Luna tackles the subject of mental health, you can rest assured that it's a unique experience that delves into the depths of emotions, leaving an indelible mark on us. Her approach is one that touches the heart, immerses the soul, and intensifies the experience like never before. That's a killer job for sure.

"Ocean Inside Of Me" serves as a great opening chapter in Luna's new project. It piques our curiosity and sets the stage for the nine chapters yet to unfold. The very essence of this song hints at a symphony of emotions waiting to be discovered. Luna Keller's storytelling is a powerful magnet, pulling us deeper into her narrative.

This epic musical odyssey wouldn't be complete without the artistic contributions of the dream team behind the scenes. Luna Keller's music is not a product of her talent. Not only. We could say it's a fusion of creativity, expertise, and passion. Great decision to team up with the guiding hand of producer Dominic Romano (also a regular on IMC's pages), the help of singer-songwriter Kristaps Bedritis (known as Pacific K), the sharp eye of Pol Camarero who was able to capture these intense looks brilliantly, and the visionary direction of Davide Fantuzzi. The result is this auditory, visual, and sensory masterpiece. Another one (like Let Me Go Now or Prophecy).

As Luna's artistry evolves, it literally sends shivers down the spine. And this is exactly why you usually come to IMC for! The combination of her storytelling, musical genius, and the collaborative brilliance of the team leaves us with arm hairs standing on end, vertically. Wow! This is what we wanted when creating this platform a few years ago. Right in the middle of the target!

The fact that Luna is gifting us with the exclusive premiere of "Ocean Inside Of Me" resonates deeply with us. It shows her connection with her audience, a connection that extends beyond the Twich and real stages and into the hearts of her listeners. We're privileged to be a part of this musical journey and eagerly anticipate the nine chapters that await. It's just the beginning of an adventure, and we hope it's a never-ending one.

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