Peter Stone - Pacific

May 17, 2021

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When you combine beautiful guitar playing with an amazing voice and meaningful lyrics you get a stunning and moving song. And that’s exactly what "Pacific", the latest release by Peter Stone is. It pulls you into its narrative with gentle honesty just to take you on a cathartic journey of great emotional intensity.

The Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter writes all of his songs from an autobiographical perspective finding a tasteful balance between his emotions and a narrative that we can find ourselves in. "Figured you wouldn’t leave the plants, now I think they’re dying on that tiny balcony". The lyrics allude to very specific things from personal experience while also functioning as subtle metaphors, it’s just really really beautifully written.

"Pacific" has a melancholic feel as it looks back on a home that’s been lost. There’s definitely sadness in the song but also a sense of peace found in a reflection of life and its unpredictability. That feeling is supported by the minimalistic arrangement that creates a calming flow with little more than guitars and a bass. The song doesn’t need big builds, it works perfectly in this intimate setting allowing Stones voice to float right into our souls.

We are all looking for a place to belong in one way or another, and we can find it in so many different places. Listening to "Pacific" made me feel a little less lonely on my path and it made one thing very clear - Peter Stone belongs in his music, so much so that you can find him in every line he sings. "Pacific" is his fourth release and part of a string of songs he’s sharing with the world this year - one more beautiful than the other.
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