Paperwing - Blackbirds

February 03, 2021

Hello, hello, hello little birds! (You'll understand this introduction soon). We hope you're having a great week. Busy in your job? Running all the time? Well, we got the perfect soundtrack to relax.

To be completely honest with you, the first time I heard "Blackbirds" was thanks to my friend Dov from Indie Top 39, a fellow blogger who does an amazing job. Yes, promoting other bloggers doesn't make a lot of sense, but trust me, if I do, it's worth it. You can go there with confidence, there you will find countless discoveries.

Well, back to the song: I was not seduced from the first listen. It took me several days to step back, and listen more carefully, with quality headphones and a personal subwoofer, to appreciate the quality of the song. And there, the magic worked. I even surprised myself: I wasn't able to stop listening to it. Well done, Dov!

Because yes, this song, which seems very simple at first glance, reveals many secrets. And indeed, a blackbird always has an element of mystery. This is also the case with the song. The track has a mystical side, which is not unpleasant.

The contrasts are fabulous: "I can hear the blackbirds cry". Blackbirds are generally ominous birds, who instantly (and for a long time because of legends) convey negative thoughts. But after all, they are still living things. And so they can cry. Why couldn't they?

The spirit of the song is very positive: imagine yourself waking up in a calm environment full of birds. it couldn't be better! About the positive and relaxing side of the track, it reminds me of "One Day in June", a song by Mrs. Greenbird, that we featured on June 1, 2018. Yes, Mrs. Greenbird. It seems like birds are always a part of our happiness :)

When a song suddenly invades your whole body and injects it with an instant heatwave, it can be called magic. You know us, we are very fond of strong emotions and goosebumps, and often, that rhymes with power. But not always. And you got the proof, with "Blackbirds" by Paperwing.

The production is simple, and we cannot speak of an explosive final part. But the whole song is so well produced, with a simplicity that ultimately is not, that we let ourselves be seduced with pleasure.

The delicious voice of Jenny, coming from Sweden, is like velvet that tickles your ears. As if to say discreetly: "I'm here, and everything is fine". And it makes me laugh a little when I hear loudspeaker demonstrations in The Voice or other shows that are actually product factories. Because there is no need to howl to convey unique emotions and sensations.

The artist has loving jazz musicians as parents. Perhaps that explains these jazz feelings in her voice, delicately placed on a folk universe. The mix is amazing. And there's a little bonus on Spotify. The artist included the instrumental version. So you can enjoy it a little bit more.

What makes me happy is that I know you, little birds will now walk away from here humming "Hello hello hello-o-o-oooo". Please send me my dismissal letter if that doesn't happen.

Blackbirds has been included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Paperwing's point of view :

I played around on an acoustic guitar one day and this melody came to me. It was early spring, and I could hear blackbirds outside my window. I wanted to express that feeling of love and bliss, like waking up next to your loved one on a sunny spring day. One of the most beautiful songs I know is Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, and I also wanted to find ways to respectfully interweave that into this song in a fun and playful way. This will be the second single on my upcoming EP, Prism.

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More about Paperwing:

Paperwing is the Swedish artist, composer, and producer Jenny Soovik. Born and raised by two loving jazz musicians, Jenny is an uncompromising and unbound artist who feels quite powerless against the gravitational pull from the world of music. It seems she can do little else than find outlets for it. Paperwing writes about big feelings and small things - stories of love, life and heartbreak, human nature, mother earth, and all the mysteries of the universe. Things that have touched her heart, all draped in a suit of goosebump-inducing avant-garde pop.


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