Paola Bennet - Wasn't Made For Running

June 10, 2024

When we received this song, within seconds, we knew we were going to approve it and share it with you. This little gem opens with an electric guitar, which is not common, but seduces us to the highest degree, and the voice of Paola Bennet settles in to deliver a very powerful first line, which is probably the most loaded emotionally and sums up the spirit of the song very well: "If freedom had a face, it'd have your eyes".

As Paola perfectly explains, it's "a song for love gone over-steeped, for the worry of not being enough for someone". And of course, with all the questions that accompany this kind of big moment of doubt, have we done enough, or on the contrary have we done too much to the point of stifling the relationship by not leaving enough air to the other?

The power of the message delivered is astonishing at first listen, with very impactful lyrics and some allusions to nature: "Won't fight the ocean / But I'll wait for the change in tides". A power that contrasts strongly with the instrumental, almost naked, and carried permanently by this sublime electric guitar and Paola's extraordinary voice.

A true compendium of strong emotions that ends up giving what we come to look for at Indie Music Center: thrills. The story doesn't say if this is an autobiographical text, and honestly, we don't hope so. Because although this is Paola Bennet's first feature on IMC, she is not unknown to us, since we have already featured her boyfriend Elijah Mann 4 times in 3 years. We keep telling you that the world of indie music is infinitely small.

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