Pacific K & Ingaja - Bullet

January 22, 2022

I met Kristaps from Pacific K, an artist from Latvia at the Songwriting Circle (an online event co-organized by Luna and our friends from Indie Top 39). And we spent evenings discussing music and he made us listen to his tracks. I was immediately seduced both by the very high quality of the music and by the character: open, pleasant and very friendly.

For Ingaja, it's a little different. My friend Dov (originally from Lithuania) at Indie Top 39 introduced me to this talented artist from Lithuania. I had immediately been seduced by her unique musical universe and her power to give goosebumps.

The meeting between Kristaps and Ingaja is a bit older and dates back to 2017, as he told us:
"I met her when I was starting Sofar Sounds in Riga (I'm the City Leader in Riga organizing Sofar Sounds shows). I invited her to play at one of our first shows, which was hosted in a lovely apartment in Riga's Art Nouveau district. And we've become close friends since then. I really enjoy Ingaja's music and we do share a lot of similar vibes and influences in both our music, so I knew that I would someday like to collaborate with her".

It's done! Today comes out "Bullet", an absolutely amazing song. A very melancholy and quite dark atmosphere, when you think about it, but which bewitched me. The song opens with perfect vocal harmonies where the two artists seem to be one. And the chemistry is absolutely divine between the two. As if they were made to sing together.

And the two artists enjoyed collaborating. You can feel it in the song. And Ingaja doesn't hide it:
"As a solo artist, I truly enjoyed myself collaborating with Kristaps from Pacific K. It was fun to observe my mind and character as we were shaping the sound and also discover new colors of creativity. Our strong individual commitment to Bullet allowed us to achieve a common vision. I believe every person listening to the song will find themselves in it, as the song talks about betrayal, shattered illusions and that someone's actions will always tell you everything you need to know."

Despite the rather dark lyrics, the song leaves us with an impression of incredible well-being. From the two-minute mark, the song takes a turn and that's when the goosebumps start to appear. Very atmospheric, the break before Ingaja's verse is magical. We are flying with her.

The final chorus combines the two voices wonderfully, and the last part of the song is mostly instrumental, uplifting, and very relaxing. The echo used on Ingaja's vocals is a fantastic idea and gives the track a feeling of depth and vastness. Yes, just close your eyes to imagine yourself in an infinitely large and deserted landscape. And I'm not mistaken, because that's precisely the idea of the wonderful lyric video, that you can watch below:

The contrast between the rather sad lyrics of a relationship that doesn't work, and the perfect harmony between two artists from two different countries is absolutely stunning. I already liked these two artists separately, but I think that there, they really created something. And we almost want to ask them for more. As a long-term collaboration, why not on a common musical project. In any case, the potential is there, and it is huge. I really hope they take this disguised advice seriously.

"Bullet" will be playing on repeat for weeks on my side, and you will have the pleasure of listening to this little gem on our radio station quite regularly. Because as we say in French, "when we love, we don't count". This masterpiece is already one of my favorite releases of 2022 with a good lead.

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Written with love by Niko. "Bullet" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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