Ottawa - Plan Of Attack

April 18, 2020

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It's only an acoustic guitar that welcomes you from the first notes of "Plan of Attack", the new single from Ottawa's band.

Make no mistake, they don't come from Ottawa, but from Ohio, just like The Satellite Station. They are from Cleveland.

With a voice that reminds us of that of Pierre Bouvier, the singer of Simple Plan, Ottawa imposes its own musical universe with soft and worked rock.

"This song is, to me, the most important song we've ever done. 

The message is, when you're down to your absolute last strand of hope, just keep pushing forward, because that's literally the only direction we have in life” says Dale DeLong.

And we can say that this song really falls at the right time!

And perfectly suits the tough times we're all getting through.

A gradual increase in power, up to the chorus, lets us imagine the best for the rest of the track.

And the chorus confirms our choice: the emotions are there.

A captivating melody, and good big guitar riffs, all the ingredients are there to make us have a good time.

The final chorus, still a little stronger in intensity, concludes this little masterpiece, which ends in our April 2020 Spotify playlist.


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