OSKA - April, May, July

June 10, 2024

This is the first appearance of the Austrian artist OSKA solo on IMC but you have already seen her in our columns, notably in January 2023 since it is the female voice which enhances the song "Hesitate" by the IMC Family member Hazlett. A voice, which even at the time, had not left us indifferent. That kind of small, thin voice that can take you to a cloud in a matter of seconds. And this is the case with her latest single “April, May, July”. Yes, you will have noticed that June is missing in this title.

This is what happens when time passes quickly after the end of a relationship, we no longer really know what month it is, and we find ourselves a little lost. Moreover, OSKA confides about the song:

"As long as I can remember, I have struggled with ending any kind of relationship. I had to learn that, sometimes, the only way to regain trust and love is to let go of one another".

The passage of time is in fact the most natural way to try to reduce scars which, whatever happens, will remain. Full of clever metaphors, this innocent-looking little refrain masks a lot of the emotional torment we've all faced at the end of a relationship. With the acoustic guitar as a common thread, this song mixes lightness in its production although carrying a heavy message and barely concealed regrets.

A bit like the lyric video, which starts with an almost empty screen and fills with lyrics, like the weight of regrets can fill the heart. Another brilliant metaphor for a small artist who we discovered barely 18 months ago and who is already big.

Oska was signed to our friends at Nettwerk, and after playing at the famous SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, she will be opening for Coldplay in Vienna, Austria this summer. Just that!

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