ORIAN - Jewellery Box

May 14, 2021

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When we heard the first notes of the intro of "Jewellery Box", we fell in love immediately. We already know ORIAN thanks to our friend Dov from Indie Top 39. Yes, we already play two of his songs on the radio, "What Pulls You" and "Grateful".

So here is our artist from Berlin (just like Josh Savage, who is releasing a new single today too), releasing this treasure. It seems that it is good to stroll in the streets of Berlin this Friday because we made some nice discoveries.

"Jewellery Box" is a song of rare beauty. Poetic, sweet, and captivating at the same time. We won't hide from you that we already loved ORIAN's voice, but there, he gave us chills in just a few seconds. And the lyrics are a bit sad, and if you miss someone you've lost recently, you may relate to this song.

The first minute of the song is rather acoustic and calm. And from the one-minute mark, magnificent backing vocals appear and the magic happens. A few electric guitar notes punctuate this marvelous blend of lyrical poetry and vocal talent.

The song takes on its full dimension in the final chorus, more powerful and which will trigger in you (as in us) an intense emotional wave and will raise your arm hairs vertically. Before a very smooth and precise intro, as if the pilot had to land the plane on your terrace. Yes, we can use the word plane, because we just spent three minutes in weightlessness, out of time.

Thank you ORIAN, that was an awesome listening experience!