Ollie Bond - Loveable

August 22, 2022

If you've been looking for the perfect late summer folk love song, look no further. We found it for you. It was hiding in the UK in Ollie Bond's drawers.

Recently settled in Edinburgh, Scotland, the artist recorded this little gem in his living room, before sending it to the legendary Abbey Road studios for mastering.

A song full of good intentions, to make someone understand that they are worth much more than they think, as Ollie says about the song: "it's a song to remind someone how much they mean to you. I wrote this for my partner when she was going through a hard time to help pick her up and love her into the person I know her to be".

Yes, it sometimes happens that we rub shoulders with this kind of people, who do not realize how much they bring light into our lives. But if you think about it, we're all a bit like that.

That's why we think this song will speak to a lot of people, with a universal message of trust and love, carried by a joyful melody and professional vocals. This is definitely high-quality and this is why you can find this masterpiece here.

Remember the name Ollie Bond, because you might see him again on IMC in the future!

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