Olive Klug - Coming Of Age

January 13, 2023

Olive Klug (they/them) is a folk singer-songwriter coming from Portland and recently moved to Los Angeles. Like many artists, they have gone through difficult times. Olive saw all their gear stolen from their car, for example. But their very supportive community allowed them to finance the purchase of new equipment. It's the kind of crazy story that happens to musicians from time to time. We even saw an artist who had his bag exchanged on the train for an identical bag, but without his computer containing all his demos and all his future album. Ah, sometimes the life of an artist sucks! But it's important to get up and keep doing what you love.

And Olive Klug is a very good example. The single "Raining in June", released in 2021, is approaching 6 million streams on Spotify. Yes, 6 million. And now, they are signed to Nettwerk, which brings us the best artists in the independent scene. There is now a favorable context for Olive Klug, supported by an ever-growing community, and the artist now evolves as a free electron, focused on music and nothing else.

Their new single "Coming Of Age" is out today on all platforms. Even though Olive Klug is 25 years old, there's still a little voice inside that seems to be stunting their growth:

"Through writing the song, I realized that a lot of the angst, sadness, and inability to grow up I experienced stems from a looming feeling that the world is going to end, so why even bother?"

Guitar, mandolin, banjo, whistles, and an incredibly controlled vocal performance make "Coming Of Age" a hymn to the end of adolescence when you don't yet know if you're already an adult, or if you still need a year or two. We would like to insist on the vocal performance, where the highest notes are reached with disconcerting ease. And it is possible that many artists who read us would like to be able to sing like that!

The writing is also a strong point of the track, very immersive, detailed, and moving. The production was intentionally kept simple, even with a few intentional mistakes, and it's a great idea to keep the song authentic and connect with the listener.

Already more than 400K monthly listeners have been won over by the incredible world of Olive Klug. Will you be one of the next? We are certain of it.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Coming Of Age" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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