Ocie Elliott - Free

August 18, 2023

The Canadian duo Ocie Elliott needs no introduction if you are a fan of indie music. They have indeed collected millions of streams on Spotify for 5 years. And yet, although we've known them for a long time, this is their first feature on IMC. It's never too late!

Jon and Sierra have been distilling authentic indie-folk sounds for several years, imbued with sincerity to the many listeners who have kindly listened to their remarkable work.

Do you want to know the good news? They are working on a new EP, "Know The Night", which will be released on November 24. It is on this EP that you can find the song "Free", released today. A folk ballad with perfect vocal harmonies that will seduce all fans of simplicity. Yes, because Ocie Elliott doesn't need a lot of tricks to create exceptional music. And this track is the proof, with a fairly minimalist production.

Yet the magic works from the first seconds, with an admittedly repetitive but super catchy melody that won't want to leave your mind for hours. If right now, everything is going well for you, and you feel free, this song is for you!

"In a dream, we have a long ride
We stream in the sunshine
Eyes closed, with my headphones
Listening to the unknown"

You too, who like to listen to the unknown rather than the mainstream, will know how to let yourself be tempted by this little ritornello that you can sing or whistle easily during a sunny walk. Want to do nothing this weekend? You have found the perfect soundtrack. Share this song with all those who love the simple pleasures in life.

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