nobody likes you pat - letters from god

November 11, 2022

Do you know what makes us the happiest when we listen to hundreds of songs to present you only the best? Discovering gems like this one.

Taken from his debut album "imago", also out today", here is "letters from god", the new single from Pat Kiloran, aka nobody likes you pat.

According to his bio, we can stick to Pat a whole bunch of various labels: father, husband, singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, mixer, and Midwesterner. And we loved the last part: "but above all, he's human". And we definitely fell in love with this human side.

This artist has an innate talent for writing, to the point of creating double meanings. Kind of like The Satellite Station. Indeed, even if this song could seem to you to be a magnificent declaration of love, it is rather linked to the faith of the artist, as he confides himself:

"This song is a solemn, sacred, cinematic acoustic-pop ballad written while I was sitting in my 1800s church building. I wanted a song from the perspective of my faith that could also be appreciated and impactful to people outside of my faith tradition or any faith. It's a song written from the perspective of God towards a hurting, angry, isolated world.

An astonishing mix of folk sounds (with an omnipresent acoustic guitar throughout the song) and pop (the cinematic part which begins at 2:45 with its bouncing drums), "letters from god" amazes by its emotional power, increased tenfold by an incredible vocal performance. Pat has an impressive vocal range and a falsetto that will blow your mind. And this song could quickly become one of your new favorites.

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