Niclas Lundin - Head Under Water

December 19, 2022

The Northern Hemisphere enters winter in 2 days. The days are getting shorter in favor of cold and long nights. A season that could trigger some depression if you don't do what it takes to prevent it! So why not have a good hot tea, under a duvet, by the fire, and savor some indie songs?

If this season makes you melancholy, even a little lost, this song will speak to you. Because even if the season is not always very pleasant, it has its good sides: it brings spring, the birds that will come back to sing, and the flowers that will bloom again. Each difficult period has its remedy.

Swedish artist Niclas Lundin has chosen the music, and talks about his discomforts in his new single "Head Under Water". As the artist says, it is both an inner journey and a cry for help:

"The song is a metaphor about a rough time in life but someone's there to notice and help and essentially save me from 'drowning'. It could be heavy outside circumstances and burdens weighing me down but it could also be inner emotions. I am hoping to inspire someone to not give up on life and/or to look out for one another to possibly be that one who supports and helps someone who is going through a hard time."

With a super catchy chorus, "Head Under Water" encourages us to continue on our way, even if it is strewn with large encroaching stones. A clearer horizon is always possible. You just have to believe it. And with a vocal performance that's both honest and heartwarming, this song is a real catalyst.

And if the name Niclas Lundin rings a bell, maybe that means you've been an IMC fan almost from the start! Yes, we wrote about his song "Something About You" in February 2018, almost... 5 years ago! And since then, he has made a name for himself on the international scene. If you know Martin Garrix, James LaBrie (Dream Theatre), or Dada Life, then you've heard a song written by Niclas Lundin. We keep telling you: the world of independent artists is both vast and infinitely small and surprises are frequent!

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