Nicky Phillips - Home

July 30, 2021

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I must admit that as soon as I heard Nicky's voice on this track, I thought very loudly: "yes, I want that on my platform dedicated to strong emotions". And when the chorus of "Home" came on, my first impression was confirmed. The emotion is there.

With a magnificent feather, Nicky Philips, who came from London, immediately seduced us. What vocal ease! Like an angel descended from her cloud, she enchanted us. I could even say bewitched because it's as if she had managed to stop time for three minutes.

Nicky Philips has been making music for over ten years, and you can hear it. Yes, we hear the experience of the artist. You can trust us when you listen to more than 200 songs a day to keep only the best for your readers, you immediately recognize these journeys loaded with adventure, gigs, writing, and in this case, talent.

This new release is a wonderful love song full of poetry and delicacy. And Nicky's voice is like a good friend whispering pretty things in your ear.

Nicky has this disconcerting facility to create wonderful melodies, which she will soon bring together in an EP. We satisfied our curiosity by going to listen to her two previous singles and you can go there with your eyes closed. It will also be appropriate to savor her unique musical universe.

"Home" is a little gem. Unfortunately, such a high-quality level is getting rare, nowadays and that kind of gem is hard to find. So when we find them, we share them! For us, it's done. Now it's up to you to send it to your friends who like genuine and sincere things.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Let Love In" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

Written by Niko.



Take me where the flowers grow,
Where we can grow old.
Take me somewhere we won’t know,
What the future holds,
And we’ll call it home.

I’ll hold pictures as you put fixtures in place.
We’ll hang them on our walls.
I’ll sing some songs and maybe you’ll sing along
And we’ll feel like we belong

And we’ll call it home
And we’ll call it home

Take me, where your heart is
Where your love is
And I’ll call it home
Take me,
Where you are weakest
Where you’ll need me
And I’ll call it home

In the morning I’ll press the snooze a while
and you will turn over and smile and wait
For my kiss upon your cheek
I’ll put the kettle on and you’ll turn the heating on and we’ll fall back to sleep

Something in your eyes, it tells me that this is all I need
and there’s nowhere else to be
Suddenly your hands are holding me closer than before, we’re heading to the door.

And we’ll call it home
And we’ll call it home
And we’ll call it home


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