Nathaniel Sutton - The Metaphor

March 24, 2023

Nathaniel Sutton is a Canadian artist coming from Edmonton, Alberta. According to his biography, he is a singer-songwriter who offers mostly folk-based indie rock. And we agree with that. We really appreciated this unique mix of genres. We love indie folk. And as soon as there is a bit of folk in pop or rock, we raise our hands.

But if we dig a little deeper than that, we discover the story of an artist passionate (one could even say "inhabited") by audio cassettes, who also composes music for films or videos. After having toured for several years with bands, it is also solo that he expresses all his talents since last year. And especially through this new single "The Metaphor", freshly released today.

It is often said that the music that touches your heart is the one that knows how to speak directly to it. Sometimes you don't even need lyrics for that, the instrumentation alone can tell a great story. And this is the case in "The Metaphor". Although boasting wonderful lyrics and a simple and humble vocal performance, we find that the song expresses much more through its instruments, each chosen with great care, particularly the part that begins after the 3-minute mark, mostly instrumental.

As Nathaniel pitched the song to us, "this song starts with a very short ambient build-up, which then turns energetic". Absolutely! And this slow progression seduced us at every moment, making "The Metaphor" a little gem of which you will appreciate each line of lyrics, which ultimately are few in number but really very powerful, so well chosen are the words, between poetry and melancholy. The fact that magic works so easily is no coincidence. Nathaniel achieved a diploma in Audio Production. And we can hear it.

With a simple but effective chorus that can be summed up in one sentence ("Take me back to a place I know"), the song evokes the artist's 11 years of marriage, which ended in a painful separation and unexpected. We often tell you on IMC: music is the most wonderful refuge. And this song could speak to you and keep you company for a long time.

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