Nathaniel Paul - Salty Air

March 10, 2023

Since we discovered that half of The Bergamot also has a solo career, it's hard to take our ears off his discography. Nathaniel Paul, faithful to IMC since 2019 is back on our pages with a new single light as a feather but powerful like an emotional tsunami.

"Salty Air", as its title suggests, invites you to take a stroll along the water's edge (that will please Thomas LaVine). With just an acoustic guitar, strings and it seems to me, but maybe I'm wrong, a pretty harp, the song manages to touch us and transport us elsewhere, despite its very short duration (barely 2 minutes and 15 seconds).

The main instrument of Nathaniel Paul's magical universe is definitely his voice, which takes up all the space here, carried by a soft, airy reverb. The magic works from the start, we get caught up, and we enjoy the ride.

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