Nathaniel Paul - Love Gives Itself Away

July 08, 2021

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In the past, we used to know Nathaniel Paul as the co-creator of The Bergamot band with his wife.

They truly have emerged over the past few years. They are known for their catchy melodies, smooth vocals, and relatable lyrics. Their 3 albums are still available on all digital platforms.

Nathaniel has been in the music industry for years as a wonderful singer-songwriter and producer. Without really pausing The Bergamot (they’re still working on new songs), he’s been working hard on this solo project and it worth it! Recently, Nathaniel released his debut solo album which is called “Learning To Listen” and it was released on June 11th this year. It features ten tracks and varies in genres such as the beautiful indie-folk ballad “Learning To Listen”, the dream-pop banger “Songbird” that we reviewed in January, or the wonderful “Silence”, a soft indie-pop anthem.

Recently he also released a new single off of the album which is titled "Love Gives Itself Away". Some people are saying that Nathaniel's album is the best thing he has ever made so far and we can only agree. The singles from the album are amazing as well and they show how diverse and talented Nathaniel really is. Because he’s also a wonderful filmmaker. His most recent video is the music video for "Love Gives Itself Away". He's just uploaded it on YouTube and we are so excited to get the opportunity to premiere it today:

Wonderfully produced, as usual, the track benefits Nathaniel’s wonderful writing skills and creativity. It’s about the things that people want to do when they get out of quarantine. They want to give their families hugs, love, and kisses. They want to see the sky and feel the sun on their skin again. They want to dance with the ones they love and look down on old friends.

The music video showcases all the sensations we had lost for a while, such as bathing in cool water, lying in the grass among the flowers, or stroking a tree trunk.

This song is from the perspective of someone who has been locked up for a while and wants nothing more than to get back out in the world again with his loved one: “Why won’t you stay just one more night, bring back the sunlight”.

People go through a lot during the successive lockdowns, but they can't live with giving up on their hopes and dreams.

Everyone has hope, everyone has dreams. No one is in a hurry. Their future is now not just a forecast but their reality.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Happy Days" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

Written by Niko.



A flower planted in May 

Will see the sun 

Of an August day

Sun and the moon 

They float around

They bring the light

And the darkness down

Old leaves are turning brown

Going back into the ground

Why won’t you stay 

Just one more night

Bring back the 


Ring of stars 

Spring moon

Staying up late

Getting light too soon

If we knew what tomorrow brings 

Would we hold tight 

Or let go of things

Old dunes are blowing around

Build them up 

Break them down 

Why won’t you stay 

Just one more night

Bring back the 


It starts with love 

Then we must 

Give it away

It starts with love 

Then love 

Gives it away

It starts with love 

Then love 

Gives itself away


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